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Horror Short Films

In preparation for Halloween, not only am I watching some of my favorite scary movies throughout the month, I'm also looking through short horror films. A lot of them you can find on YouTube, which an excellent platform of getting your work out there for others to see, and while there is a lot that is left to be desired in terms of quality and production, there are some that are very well done with their creative concepts and filming styles. Here are some of my favorite recommendations.

"A Function", directed by Hyunsoo Lee
This Korean short horror has virtually no dialogue, but it is still effective regardless. Its entire concept is wrapped with social commentary on the pressures youths are dealing with in terms of high expectations in school and society, and the whole premise can be seen as a metaphorical representation on the pressures young people go through to reach absolute perfection, and if they fail to reach these goals they suffer the ultimate consequence, mostly by death usually through means of suicide. I really love this short film because it is more of a psychological kind of horror, both for the viewer as well as the character, and the message itself is painfully clear that can resonate with so many people. 10/10, highly recommended.

"1, 2, 3" (directed by Zeacth Liew) and "Delete" (directed by Sidney Chan) are two horrors that are featured among the many short films from a group of independent Malaysian filmmakers. They are just a couple examples of what can be found over on that channel, and while they're different stories these two shorts feature similar concepts of accidentally messing with something they probably shouldn't have and having to reverse the effects before it's too late. A common horror trope, but it's very interesting seeing how each one is done.

"Waiting", directed by Emlyn Boyle
An animated short that has no dialogue, but a lot of atmosphere and a surprise twist at the end. It does a good job with building up the tension and sneaking suspense that something is wrong, and you know something is going to happen soon. The animation style is simple yet effective.

"The Cat With Hands", directed by Robert Morgan
This one has been recommended a lot throughout the years from various places on the Internet, and with good reason. A combination of live action and stop motion, this short horror is both fascinating and unnerving regarding an urban legend.

Considering there are so many out there, free to add some of your favorites, as well.
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