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Stitchers: "When Darkness Falls" Halloween Special Review

Stitchers 1.11 "When Darkness Falls"

I was pleasantly surprised when I heard that Stitchers was going to have a Halloween special. Usually new shows don't do holiday-themed episodes until their second season onward, but I guess after their renewal they decided to celebrate in making one specifically for Halloween, which I'm not complaining at all. It was purely episodic and perfectly fitting with the spooky holiday. Throughout the episode the thought that the entire case was just one massive elaborate prank set for Kirsten because of her "I don't do scary/surprises" mantra, but I liked that it wasn't and was an actual legit murder case.

One thing about this episode is, I'm trying to place the timeline. Does it take place after the season finale, or somewhere during the actual season? Kirsten and Cameron are talking during the party and it made it sound like that he was thanking her for saving him, but then it wouldn't make sense to have this episode as though everything was hunky-dory especially after that cliffhanger. I'm guessing we're to assume that this episode, since it wasn't dealing with anything plot-related, is just a stand-alone and can be viewed separate from the actual show timeline between the finale and when the second season begins.

Regardless, this episode did bring the cute between Cameron and Kirsten. Her going to him for comfort and reassurance after being freaked out (and later we learn rightfully so) after nightmares and sensing something was wrong. My little shipper heart was soaring from their little moments in this episode, I'm not even ashamed. ♥

My love for Camille continues to grow, mostly because ALLISON, but just her character in general makes me so happy. Her love of Halloween in this episode spoke to me on a spiritual level and her vampire space princess costume was absolutely amazing and pure genius. (。♥‿♥。)

Overall, it was a fine spooktacular episode and it makes me really happy that this show is getting a second season, because I didn't realize just how much I missed seeing these people on my screen. Can't wait until it comes back.
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