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Carmilla, Season 2

Much like with the first season, I just binged watched the entire second season of Carmilla. I kind of already knew what happened with some things thanks to Tumblr, obviously, but here are my thoughts on the season overall.

Carmilla's second season was way more emotionally charged than the first, which is to be expected considering everything that happened last season with Carmilla and Laura finally getting together by the end, and with them still being together as the season began there was inevitably going to be something to create conflict between them. Not in an unnecessary way, but it's like one of those moments where in fanfiction when your OTP hooks up early on and there's still several more chapters in the story. You know something is going to happen before everything settles down again, and this season did just that.

Last season dealt mostly with setting up this world and introducing these characters, moreover introducing who Carmilla was and the bigger plots that were happening underneath everything. This season still focused on the bigger plots, but this time there was a lot of focus surrounding Laura and her relationship with Carmilla. As a character, Laura is pretty naive in a lot of ways. She had a pretty idealistic view of the world and expects others to follow suit, and you feel pretty irritated with her at the beginning of the season because of it, especially with her expectations of Carmilla. But by the end she comes to terms with these flaws about herself, confesses that she is a hypocrite for the things she expects of Carmilla when she, herself, manages to create more damage with her intentions of good and trying to fix things. This is how a three-dimensional character should be, having them be one huge contradiction but learning and growing from their mistakes, giving them faults and flaws while never ignoring the positive attributes of what makes them, well, them. Warts and all.

Considering that Laura comes from a particularly overprotective upbringing, she probably has a fairytale view of the world. She expects things to work out in a particular way; good defeats evil, the monster turns good after finding love, etc. When it doesn't happen, she gets confuses and tries to do something about it. As good as her intentions are, she fails to understand the way things operate in the real world, as bizarre as their world happens to be with all the mysticism and strange otherworldly occurrences. Not that she isn't wrong in trying to help, because things are pretty fucked up, but she tends to overestimate her capabilities along with underestimate the amount of complications and complexities her meddling will inevitably lead to. Her relationship in this season struggled because she expected too much, from Carmilla, from everything. It went further downhill when Laura betrayed Carmilla's trust, and shit hit the fan quite fast.

Laura has the purest intentions at heart and that shouldn't be discouraged. By the end of the season, she is so broken down from everything that even Carmilla trying to cheer her up doesn't work. Laura had an innocence about her that was endearing, but her spirit has now been shattered because of the beast she think she created from her curiosities and her attempts at making things better. But this shouldn't be something that should break her entirely. I'm hoping that with the third season we'll be able to see Laura come back with a new sense of purpose. One of the things about her character is that she doesn't give up, she fights for what she believes in. And with everything now gone to shit, I hope it doesn't discourage her from continuing on with fighting for what she believes in.

We got to understand Laura as a character in this season as we did with Carmilla last season. I still kind of want to understand more about Laura's own background and why her father was so overprotective of her, never mind how he would view her now after everything she has gone through. I am also kind of wondering if her father knew more than he was letting on, perhaps harboring some secrets of his own, hence him being that protective over her.

As with everything else, this season was also quite plot-filled. So much was happening, even behind the scenes that we didn't get into until the end credits of the finale, which wasn't entirely shocking for me since I already knew that Perry had been possessed by the Dean the entire time. But when you take that into consideration, everything was being set in motion from the very beginning. The nuance of the performance by the actress was well-done, so much that when you rewatch you can try to pinpoint the moments where Perry isn't acting like herself. And then with Danny being dead, but resurrected as a vampire, and then Mattie not being dead at the very tail end of the finale. So much happened that I'm still kind of reeling from it all.

I have to say, though, I loved the changing of location. The set for the Dean's apartment was amazing, the off-camera effects with the shadows and lighting was amazing, it was way more interactive than the first season. Because with a bigger budget there were allowed to upgrade things, and it wasn't overdone but it improved a lot to enhance the storytelling a bit. I loved the introduction of the new characters (such as Mattie, who was an utter delight) as well as expanding a bit with the characters we already knew (Kirsch and his adorable puppy self, and J.P. having a human form, well, implanted his consciousness into a dead vampire body, but still being awesome all the same). I loved that we were able to move the camera angles a bit throughout the house instead of remaining in one area. Now, hopefully with a third season we'll be going through another set, possibly seeing more of this library we've heard so much about since the first season.

Overall, I really enjoyed the second season. Carmilla is a webseries that is fascinating with its worldbuilding as it is with its characters, it is a story that carefully weaves itself throughout and I cannot wait to see how things unfold in the future.
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