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Supergirl: Pilot Episode Review

Supergirl 1.01 "Pilot"

This pilot was everything I wanted it to be. It was fast-paced, action-packed, it got to the point immediately on who Kara Danvers is and her backstory within the first ten minutes before quickly transitioning to her spontaneous choice and transformation to becoming Supergirl. We also got a chance to be introduced to a number of other characters who will become a huge influential part of her story, including James Olsen (already with the adorable flirting and I love it) and her relationship with her sister, and the bigger plot threats which include familial ties, which should be interesting.

Kara Danvers is simply adorable. Her enthusiasm and excitement over doing something to help others is absolutely endearing, and just everything about her personality is too cute. Usually with a lot of superheroes there is a lot of baggage they carry, which I'm sure there will be some emotional points with her story as it continues, but I love that she's basically upbeat and has this positive energy about herself. It's very different from the other DC superhero stories we've seen lately, since they're usually darker in tone and atmosphere and characters. Seeing a more lighthearted story among this universe is refreshing to see.

While there were a couple of moments that were slightly heavy-handed in their message (as in I would have preferred it handled a bit differently) and I wasn't too fond of at least one character (that co-worker dude), I overall really enjoyed this pilot. It completely sold me on what the show is about, and I'm all in. Plus, this being a pilot, we're going to be seeing a lot of improvements and growth along the way and I'm excited to see where the rest of the season takes us.

And more of Kara and James, please. They are too cute I'm already waving the OTP flag. ♥ ♥ ♥
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