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SOMA is a science fiction psychological horror game which explores the themes of what it means to be human and how does one define being alive. Frictional Games is known for their successful horror game, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, however with SOMA the horror is presented in a different way.

While the game asks questions that science fiction has asked many times before, it does so in a different and unique way especially for a video game, probably even more effectively than some movies or shows have tried with the subject matter. It immerses the audience in this strange and unknown atmosphere, making them encounter and confront certain situations that they must make a decision on. These decisions don't affect the outcome of the game, but will certainly take an emotional and psychological toll on the individual player. That's what I liked about the game, there is no right or wrong way of handling these particular moments that you come across, it's just what you, as an individual person, morally believe is the ethical choice. And even then the decision may haunt you long afterward, making you question whether you made the right choice. It's honestly interesting seeing other people make different choices, the justifications they make for what they ultimately end up doing in the end, and the discussions they may have about it during or afterwards. This is what makes SOMA so utterly fascinating, in that it spawns philosophical debates and conversations, and when something accomplishes that you know it did something good and is worth looking into. I, myself, was deeply affected by this game on a deep emotional level. And I'm a fan of things like Battlestar Galactica and Caprica, and this game does a phenomenal job at presenting similar content in such a different and profound way. It's kind of remarkable that video games now can become so cinematic and be that effective as an experience, from The Last Of Us and Life Is Strange to this. There is even some live-action shorts before the game was released to give an idea what the game was about, including a short series called SOMA: Transmissions, setting the tone and atmosphere of the story.

I highly recommend SOMA, no matter whether you're playing it yourself or watching someone else play. I have witnessed a few amazing Let's Plays such as Markiplier, who is my favorite gaming YouTuber, who does an amazing playthrough of this game which he also pauses many times throughout to about the things that have affected him, and he overall cares deeply about the game and what is happening in general. The Bowlingotter Show, a new gaming channel I recently discovered, also does a fantastic playthrough which they do the same thing. Regardless of how you experience this game, I definitely think it's worth checking out.

(I will later be making a separate post about my thoughts on what happened within the game, this is just a recommendation post for those who may be curious.)
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