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It's finally starting to look like the season...

++ Thanksgiving was lowkey, which is pretty normal. We don't have elaborate family gatherings during the holidays like we used to when I was younger, which is understandable considering how far away most of my relatives live nowadays and how expensive it is to travel and all, though I have to admit I miss having some of them close for at least a get together around this time of year. Regardless, I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, and a safe Black Friday.

++ The Captain America: Civil War trailer dropped recently, and while I'm not well versed of this universe I do know that the Civil War era was a huge deal in the comics, and people have been anticipating and dreading this being included in the MCU. Of course, not being familiar with any of it, and only seen a couple of the films of the Marvelverse myself, I'm just sitting on the sidelines observing the kerfuffle that fandom will give out. Alternatively, there are new Agent Carter season two promos and it makes me very happy because Peggy is amazing, plus a new trailer for Legends of Tomorrow, which I'm mostly looking forward to because of Sara Lance and seeing Arthur Darvill being in this particular role. Also, it's being rumored that Constantine may join the cast of Legends of Tomorrow should it be picked up for a second season. I didn't watch Constantine when it was on, and I know that many were disappointed when it was cancelled, but I think it's pretty awesome that, because it exists in the same universe, they're able to keep him around by popping up in different shows, first with Arrow and now this possibility.

++ Since my latest obsession now is Jessica Jones, I've been reading all the interviews and this particular interview with Melissa Rosenberg, the showrunner, is absolutely wonderful and perfect, and it further solidifies my love for the show. She addresses the problem with rape storylines in mainstream media and why it was important for Jessica Jones to not go in that horrific direction we often seen depicted, specifically the gross desensitizing and normalization of the brutality of rape scenes and senseless violence against women just for shock value (looking at you, Game of Thrones). It's just so refreshing seeing someone calling out how disturbing it is. I'm thankful that she is in control of the show, and that it's on Netflix.
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