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All Hallow's Eve

Stay safe, dress warmly, bring a flashlight, don't talk to strangers that look suspicious, avoid Reavers, snatch candy and frighten little children while running down the street like a maniac, all that jazz. Have a glorious frightful Halloween evening!

In related news, at my college there's tons of Halloween-esque festivities going on. There's an open house near the performing arts buildings, including a fortune teller and bobbing for apples (which helps promote certain clubs and activities for later this semester and next semester). Many folks were dressed in costumes, including my Theatre professor who dressed up as a priest. So whenever he said something we would all say, "Yes, Father" in synchronized form. Hee!

I'm dressing up as River from Serenity; I have a similar dress to what she wore (as well as something in relation to what she wore one the mule-ride in the beginning), and I have knee-high combat-like boots. It's going to be great.

Have a frightful night, all! Cio!
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