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It's a new day, such a good day.

++ Richard Armitage narrated another audiobook, The Chimes by Charles Dickens, which you can download for free right now. (✿◠‿◠)

++ The YouTube Rewind 2015 was released a few days ago. I know some people have mixed opinions on how these particular videos have been made over the last couple of years, usually missing some vital YouTubers and seeming like a popularity contest on who gets called to be involved in the project, along with not featuring much of what was popular on YouTube throughout the year. With the first YouTube Rewind in 2012 they kind of combined popular people on YouTube with a compilation montage of some of the most viral videos, but I am always curious about the concepts and themes they want for each year, and the songs they tend to use as the official mix. And this year I'm very happy they included Lilly Singh, Mamrie Hart and Markiplier (with the obsession of Five Nights At Freddy's, very appropriate). Maybe one day they'll include Natalie Tran into the mix. One can only hope.

++ I love this time of year since it's my favorite holiday, but I also hate it because of the chaotic shopping, even if I'm just getting necessities it's ridiculous. I either have to go super early to avoid the massive crowds that come later or brave everything and risk anxiety. I finished my Christmas shopping though, so that's good, I only need to get some things for decorations and that's about it. But I still can't believe that 2015 is almost over. I feel like the older you get your perception of time is quicker, probably too quick in some cases.
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