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Time fickers away with my knowing it

Election thing went on yesterday - and I am glad that it is finally done and over with. At first when I heard about the recall months ago, it hardly seemed to a huge deal. But, in fact, it apparently was. Personally, I really didn't care who won, just as long as someone got the job that's all that mattered. I'm just really tired seeing all those ads on TV about voting 'yes' for the recall or voting 'no' for the recall, bashing about Arnold about things that don't even matter now because it was all in the past....yaddy-yaddy-yadda. All that other bullshit.

I had to cancel my dentist appointment this afternoon right after school let out, because I'm still sick and I don't think the dentists would appreciate it if I coughed all the way through while they're trying to examine me. So, I got that taken care of.

Angel is on tonight! *squee* And I get to see Spike! Or, Blondie Bear, as recently told from the last episode. Harmony is too hilarious ;)
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