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❅ Happy Holidays ❅

This is a couple days belated, but Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone who celebrated! If you didn't, still wishing you have had a wonderful and safe time during this transition before the new year. Mine was pretty lowkey, the preparations right before were more stressful than the actual event, because it's all about making the house presentable before people come over. Christmas Eve was nice, watched a movie (this year we chose Labyrinth) and ate dinner and opened presents. Christmas Day me and my sister went over to our father's to exchange gifts. So overall pretty normal, but the fact that Christmas has come and gone so quickly makes me reiterate my point that the holiday should be extended a bit more.

And now, another holiday meme taken from thefridayfive:

01. What presents did you get for the holidays?
Some fandom things, like DVDs, games and books, along some clothes, art supplies, and some surprise things from family that I didn't expect.

02. Is there anything you were hoping to get that you didn't get?
Of course, but the point of the holidays is that you should be appreciative of the things you do get rather than brooding over things you didn't. I understand the feeling of disappointment of getting something that is lackluster or not getting anything you asked or inquired for before, but the spirit of the holiday season is appreciating those who try and celebrating it with loved ones, even if you didn't get that expensive gift you wanted. Unless you're in an unfortunate situation where the simple things you wished for (like the love and acceptance of your family) didn't come true, that is understandable and I'm sorry that this is a dreadful time of year for you.

03. What is your favorite/least favorite holiday songs?
I love pretty much everything, honestly, with the exception of a few overly religious songs. But otherwise I love everything from contemporary to the classics.

04. When do you take down your holiday season decorations?
I'm the weirdo that often leaves them up throughout January (and half of February, if I can get away with it), the reason for this is that I just finished decorating days before Christmas and I want to enjoy the pretty decorations a little while longer.

05. What are your plans for New Years?
Just gonna sit back and chill, mostly.

So I'm just going to be chilling between now and New Years, catching up on shows and waiting out the crowds for after-Christmas sales.
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