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Everything I've done, I've done for you; I move the stars for no one.

Learning about David Bowie's death was both shocking and depressing, mostly because I wasn't aware that he was sick. He had been battling cancer for a long while, so much that he knew that he didn't have time left and that is why he recently released a new album and made a music video which appears to be his final farewell. Which is eerily beautiful in a way, he got to say what he needed to say and he died peacefully surrounded by loved ones.

Like most, I grew up on David Bowie. Not necessarily his music, but through other means. Labryinth was the film that introduced me to him at a young age, which I watched ad nausem (and just rewatched again at Christmas), which did give me a taste of his music, but it wouldn't have been until later where I found several of his songs and listened to them. He was often referenced in pop culture, his songs would appear on soundtracks to television or movies, he guest appeared on several other things, many music artists found him to be a musical influence, like, it was hard to not know who David Bowie was. His style, his talent, his presence, he held quite a legacy in music and pop culture. Having him not be around anymore is kind of hard to accept, especially since the news, for anyone who wasn't aware of his diagnosis, came so suddenly. It's hard to swallow that this legend of a man is gone. But his legacy will live on, in our hearts and throughout history, and therefore he will forever be immortal.

Rest in peace, David Bowie.
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