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Most knew Alan Rickman from his memorable portrayal of Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies, but he also held quite a number of incredible performances from various other projects over the years, including Sense and Sensibility, Love Actually, Dogma, Galaxy Quest, The Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Die Hard, Quigley Down Under, and countless more. Many have probably seen his work without realizing it, since he was involved with a lot of things throughout his long career. He was a man of great presence, a brilliant and talented actor known for his distinctive voice and the way he portrayed a wide variety of characters, encompassed diverse roles with such finesse that captivated audiences. He was also a wonderful human being, contributing to charities and just being a kind-hearted soul. Upon learning about his death, so soon as I have been trying to process the loss of David Bowie earlier in the week, I was basically numb with disbelief. The loss of these incredible individuals has affected me in such a way that I almost find it incomprehensible that they are gone, which is similar to how I reacted after Robin Williams' death. The reality is almost to difficult to digest, to accept.

To make unfortunate matters even worse, Celine Dion's husband and older brother also passed away this week, both from cancer as well. While we've always known that cancer is an evil and horrendous disease, this month has been a bleak and painful reminder of just how serious the reality of this diagnosis is, and how it can affect anyone, regardless who they are.

Rest in peace to all these lovely souls, you will forever be remembered.
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