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Nice girls don't throw trees!

++ For those still on that Star Wars: The Force Awakens high, swsequelfans is a community to discuss and share anything and everything in regards to the new Star Wars sequel trilogy. New fandom communities come so few and far between nowadays, particularly with remaining active, but at least with the Star Wars fandom being rejuvenated things can pick up slightly.

++ There has been a new friending meme making the rounds.

++ Over the last few months I've been watching The Facts Of Life, mostly in random rotation since it's been syndicated on TVLand and Logo. I had never seen the show before and after just viewing a few random episodes I was like, okay, this is quite good. Aside from finding it funny, loving particular characters (my favorite is Jo, unsurprisingly, along with the UST between her and Blair) and affectionately laughing at how hilariously horrible the 80s fashion they adopted in later seasons, I love how, despite its sitcom genre, it handles balancing the comedy along with a variety of serious topics like abortion, teen motherhood, prostitution, harassment, sexism and double standards, suicide, cancer, death, among so many other things. I shouldn't be surprised considering it is called The Facts Of Life where this would be the content they focused on, but it is kind of depressing when we hardly ever have shows like that anymore where serious subject matters are touched on in this manner (i.e. not in an after school special preachy way, but more addressing that these issues exist and that we shouldn't shy away from acknowledging and dealing with it). It's strange when you can look at shows from the past, from the 80s and even the 90s, that tackle such controversial but much needed topics of discussion that is still relevant to current issues in comparison to shows nowadays. I don't know, it just got me thinking about how television has changed and evolved (for better or worse) over the course of the last few decades, not just in terms of presented content and representation but the industry overall.
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