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Legends Of Tomorrow

Legends Of Tomorrow 1.01 - 1.05

I started watching this show because of Sara Lance, since out of all the characters she was the one I was most invested with. I also wanted more of her after the shit Arrow placed her through (a.k.a. killing her off at the start of the third season only to be resurrected in the fourth, which obviously was done so she could be on Legends of Tomorrow, but this rant has been repeated many times before by others ad nauseum). And I have to say, despite the way her character was treated on Arrow, I do like how Legends of Tomorrow has been handling her character progression and development so far, which has mostly been furthering the personal exploration that the other show probably wouldn't have done. Sara is an integral part of the team, and is treated as such. Her problems and issues are addressed, which mostly pertain to the aftermath and downside of her resurrection, focusing on the bloodlust and having her become her own person outside of that.

That's basically the core of the show, really. Yes, there is time travel and stopping some maniacally ridiculous immortal fuckboy who wants world domination because a girl he liked once upon a time rejected him and he fucks everyone over in the process of his emotional outrage, blah blah blah. But essentially the reason why Rip Hunter recruited these people was because of their unique talents and capabilities, and individually they have their own troubles and issues, strengths and weaknesses, which ultimately work better when they combine as a team. Of course things wouldn't be interesting if there weren't a few setbacks; some of them don't really get along, some have different agendas than others, and missions don't always go as planned and/or get botched because of something going awry or what was mentioned above. At the end of the day, though, it's about them figuring themselves out as people along with finding ways of working together as a team. And I love the whole "awkward misfits working together" trope.

Aside from Sara of course, I like the majority of the main ensemble themselves. The only character I'm indifferent towards is Ray, because while he has good intentions his naivety and Golden Boy thing doesn't really mesh well with the rest of the group, imho. But with everyone else, I'm intrigued by their stories, and the friendships they are making with each other, even if it's just emphasizing with each other at this point in the show.

And what I like about the characters in combination with the time travel aspect is how differently they all react to the situation of changing the events of the future. True, their main mission is to stop this main baddie from dominating the world, but they also go back to specific points in time that could alter their own futures if they aren't careful. Some of them actually try to change the course of their personal timelines from things that have happened, some of them try to prevent things they know will happen, but end up getting disappointed when nothing changes or they were the cause of what happened regardless. And I have a feeling that the latter is what is happening with Rip Hunter in his quest of avenging his wife and son's death, because he is inadvertently creating a timeline where he goes back into different eras to stop Vandal Savage from doing what needs to be done but is creating a personal conflict so that Savage can kill them. Or, perhaps sometime in the future in this new timeline that is being created, maybe Savage might try to recruit Rip's son as his apprentice to kill Rip and his team. I wouldn't be surprised if that would be the case, especially if Savage does wind up dead by the end of the season, we'll have a new antagonist for the next. But this is just my speculation, I have no idea what happens and I'm curious to see how it all gets resolved by the end of the first season.

As a sidenote, I like that we're able to see that Caity Lotz doing her own stunts, which I knew she did before but she mostly wore a mask during fighting sequences on Arrow. Here, we're able to actually see that it's her. Also Arthur Darvill is fantastic as Rip Hunter, as is Wentworth Miller as Leonard, who is the most fun character.

So yeah, so far I'm liking the show. I'm interested to see where it goes from here.
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