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++ The trailer for the new Ghostbusters was released not too long ago and I'm pretty stoked about it, not even gonna lie.

++ I'm also highly anticipating the fourth season of Orphan Black. After reading of what will be featured this season, I'm basically pumped.

Ever since hearing that they'll be going back to the root of everything, to the beginnings of where it all started with Beth and following the events of her investigation and what possibly led to her committing suicide, I've been very eager about this season. In general, I've always wanted to know more about Beth, and I'm excited that we're going down that road this season. Furthermore, it seems based on the trailer that some of the clones (Cosima, I believe) will be learning the truth about what happened to Leekie, and I'm very curious on how that discovery and conversation will turn out. Not just with finding out that his death was accidental, but the fact that both Donnie and Alison were responsible. And, of course, having new clones introduced is always a plus. Although I would like to have more focus on some others that we introduced last season, like Krystal, who I desperately want to be included in Clone Club.

I'm just really excited for this season. I'm still very much in love with the show, because not only is the writing and storytelling brilliant but the actors bring their A-game every single time.

++ While I haven't gotten the chance to see the first season of Daredevil yet (late to the party, I know), but the fact that the new released trailers for the second season feature Elektra have be so excited nonetheless. I am already in love with their version of the character. The actress, Élodie Yung, not only looks absolutely gorgeous but I can instantly tell that she is perfect for the role. I have a feeling she is going to be one of the biggest highlights of the season for most people, no doubt about it. Never mind the chemistry between Elektra and Matt which is practically sizzling in these trailers alone. I mean, hot damn.
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