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VMars: Speculations and Thoughts

Procrastination, procrastination, procrastination --- will it never end? Of course not, and why? Because I have a knack for putting things off to the last minute which sends me into a mental breakdown later on, where ripping out hair and screaming like banshee ensue. It just gets the adrenaline pumping!

There's been much happening in Marsland, some good and some bad, which calls for speculation and my personal thoughts.

After being introduced to the character, in the non-friendly manner of impressions, it's come to the ultimate conclusion that Jackie is your typical all-around Grade-A bitch. Everyone that's been keeping up with the second season knows this by now, and I know that Rob Thomas placed her into the VMars scene to add the drama with the catfight of two equally as cunning and manipulative females in Neptune. The only difference between Jackie and Veronica is morality and when to draw the line. Jackie dislikes Veronica for hanging out with Wallace all the time, possibly even jealous. As is Veronica, because she knows Jackie is bad news but didn't want to hurt Wallace by telling him about her instincts that could've been wrong --- but she isn't. This has turned into the "Harry Potter of shows" that Joss Whedon was talking about --- the triangle with friends and with relationships, and the animosity and misunderstanding that comes with it. When Jackie entered the scene everything went awry. She, above all, is the straw that broke the camel's back; Veronica and Wallace would've still had that little fight they had, but it wouldn't have been as dramatic as that if Jackie hadn't entered their circle.

Jackie's storyline: Obviously, there's more to Jackie than meets the eye --- could be a conspiracy tied in with all the events that's been occurring, or possibly she could be the red-herring of the Big Bad this season. Whatever her story is, it involves her obvious need for attention and those pills she's taking (which in the opening credits, you see the drawing when her character/actress appears onscreen). Anti-depressants? Some other illegal or extreme medical narcotic that may be causing her floozy behavior? It could be anything, but it's something not good.

I strongly loathe the character of Jackie, for numerous of reasons. But perhaps that's because we haven't learned all of her story quite yet. Remember Logan's introduction with him being the obligatory psychotic jackass? He was a real asshole in the first several episodes. Then, after going indepth of his character, his background and the conditions he's under emotionally, we start feeling sympathy for him. Perhaps this might be just the case with Jackie --- only, moreso on the pitying and not much of the sympathizing or empathizing. At least on my part, anyway.

Veronica is selfish, as I like her that way. In the fandom there's this back and forth argument about Veronica's friendship with Wallace and her driving needs to help others is basically because she's doing it for herself. One person called her an asshole for not being straightforward or for going too far in calling Wallace after he'd left and made the comment about "not losing another friend" again. Because, you know, after Lilly's death surely she would be chatting away with many newcomers and 09ers at Neptune High! There's no doubt in my mind that Veronica has selfish tendencies, she's always been that way --- her driving need to continue on with the Lilly Kane case was the give herself some closure, not because of restoring her reputation. That was Keith's ambition, not Veronica's. She could've cared less to be accepted back into the 09er circle; all she wanted was to avenge the death of her best friend to prove Neptune wrong and then continue living her life, with just a little triumph.

Again, Veronica does have selfish tendencies which make her who she is (that tough-exterior, independent woman, taking-none-of-your-bullshit attitude), and yet Veronica does know the difference between right and wrong. She has a sense of morality and compassion, and will do things just because it would be polite and considerate. There doesn't have to be a hidden agenda for her to do these things. Did Veronica look through Meg's files? That's uncertain. Would she? Absolutely, since she's always snooping around whenever the time is right. But I believe that she is respecting Meg's privacy until something major happens that could determine her fate. I also think that someone might take a peek at Veronica's laptop and discover these files, but that's just a theory.....

Case in point, Veronica is NOT an asshole for what she does. She's sometimes selfish but for all the right reasons to save the day, or to learn from her mistakes --- Veronica may be our beloved heroine, but she does have her flaws. But we love her like that (at least I do, anyway), because that means her character is more realistic and believable than just your cardboard superhero.

And finally, Veronica/Duncan are SO love right now. I still love Logan/Veronica, and I'm pimping out my Weevil/Veronica, but the Duncan/Veronica love as of right now is so cute, adorable, and so very fluffy. ♥
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