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March Question Meme: Day Twenty-Two

Asked by captandor:

Favorite food? To cook? To eat?

My favorite food to cook, especially lately, would have to be spaghetti. More specifically I love making the sauce which is something my mom taught me. It's nothing extravagant or complicated, just mixing in spices and the like, but it makes me feel like I can accomplish anything with cooking. I also really like baking as well, mostly cake and brownies.

In terms of my favorite food to eat, definitely Japanese. And a variety of Italian foods, including but not limited to pizza and pasta. With these two things I tend to rotate which ones I eat a lot more of from time to time. I'll spend months eating nothing but Udon for dinner, but then switch to having nothing but pizza and pasta for the next several months, and then back to Japanese food again. It's an odd system I have for myself, for anything I become obsessed with really.

Also, with drinks, I love love love strawberry lemonade. ♥
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