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March Question Meme: Day Thirty-One

Asked by ellipsisms:

What would you bring with you to a desert island (that would not provide a means of escape)?

This one is tough, because I would immediately have the answer for getting materials that would be useful in having a way off the deserted island. I mean, give me a survival kit and an instruction manual on how to build a suitable boat and then I'm good to go. But in this case, bringing I'm assuming at least three items in this particular scenario, perhaps a reasonable sized collection of my favorite reading material (fanfiction is included), my music and audiobook collection, and a fictional character of my choosing to come to life and be my deserted island partner. Hey, this is my hypothetical scenario. Who says that I cannot have Buffy Summers as a companion? If I cannot have Internet access, which would undoubtedly provide a means of escaping, I would need some sort of entertainment/adventure to not get bored.
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