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I was liberating her...with the option of seducing her later.

++ First, the official trailer for the Electra Woman and Dyna Girl digital series reboot, starring Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart, was just released and I'm super stoked for it. Not just because I adore these girls and seeing more accomplishments from them in other projects is exciting, but also because I think it's going to be hilariously awesome. And while I know reboot culture is something many are tired of for obvious reasons, this was just done purely because it was plain fun, and it shows, and I can't wait to see the final product.

++ And here are my thoughts on the recent events of Legends Of Tomorrow:

Legends Of Tomorrow 1.06 - 1.09

The conflict between Leonard and Mick is fascinating, since they've been partners and friends for a long time and having them split on differences of their purpose of being there is intriguing to me. I prefer having these kinds of stories versus dealing with anything with Vandal Savage, because it's more interesting and it deals directly with the emotional cord of this team, especially with Leonard. I instinctively knew that he didn't kill Mick at the end 0f 1.07, mostly because I've learned from all my media watching that unless you see it happen or the body afterwards, there is a good chance they might return in some form or another. And in this case, Mick was basically spared in the hopes that Leonard would return for him one day, but instead the Time Masters got to him first and turned him into Chronos, the bounty hunter that has been chasing them since the beginning. Now the issue is on whether or not they'll be able to reform Mick. Based off his previous behavior, Mick seemed more likely to just leave everyone behind and go on his separate path, so I don't know how successful they'll be. If nothing else, I think they would be able to quell his need of revenge against them, specifically Leonard, but after that I don't know.

I loved that after everything, even by returning to the League of Assassins, Sara was the one who ultimately saved herself. It was helped by Kendra who was able to break through to her, but by mentioning Nyssa and Lian Yu to Ra's for the future, she willingly chose to have herself endure everything she did that makes her who she is. Sara may hate aspects of herself, especially in the wake of her resurrection and the bloodlust that plagues her, but she's gradually accepting those parts knowing that it's made her into the woman she is now, and she's bettering herself from those experiences. I was so happy that happened. I just, I love the way this show has been handling her character, mainly due to the actress as she is very protective of Sara and understands her so well. This also includes maintaining her bisexuality, bless. ♥

However, I am not fond of Kendra and Ray's relationship. They have absolutely no chemistry with each other, and even though I'm glad we didn't have to suffer through much with them officially becoming a couple with that two-year jump, that doesn't make it any better. They're just so...bland, and boring. I never liked Ray, but I was even more irritated with him when he thought that living in the late 50s/early 60s was more ideal than going back on the spaceship -- yeah, I'm sure Kendra found it romantic with all the sexism and racism she endured. If she kept quiet about her not hawking out and forgetting her past lives to not upset him, chances are she also kept quiet about that too. Just, ugh. Kendra deserves better.
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