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I solemnly swear....

++ We finally have a new official trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. While I know some are quite apprehensive about how this might take on the American side of the Wizarding World, which is understandable, I'm honestly curious nonetheless. Much like how Rogue One will be a stand-alone precursor to A New Hope, this is also a stand-alone where it expands the universe and allows us to see what else has been happening with the Wizarding World that isn't related to the main plot of the Harry Potter series, and thereby quite different from anything we've seen. Though I'm wondering how well it'll do in theaters since, while I know some fans will most likely flock to see it regardless, I'm not entirely certain how general audiences will react.

++ And the first look at the Gilmore Girls revival just gave me all the nostalgia. Seriously, it was like time stood still since they all look practically the same. I mean, obviously they've gotten older, but they still look so good that it's uncanny. Plus, Melissa McCarthy will be back as Sookie! I'm still surprised and slightly confused that she wasn't approached sooner, especially immediately when the revival was announced, but at least we got her now.

++ Kesha performed at Coachella the other day, courtesy of Zedd, which even with everything she's been going through lately, she gave a powerful performance, being on the platform she deserves to be on with all the love and support of the fans and people around her. She shined so bright even in these dark times. I love her, and support her fully. ♥ ♥ ♥

++ I've been kind of addicted to watching Game Grumps lately. I have no idea when that started, I know I was introduced to them through other YouTube gamers that I watch, and I've seen a few clips here and there (most notably this iconic gem which got me real good the first time I watched it), but I finally got around to watching their series and just been cracking up laughing. It's been kind of the highlight of my nights for the last couple of weeks. So if you're ever in the mood to just laugh hysterically, I highly recommend going through their Best Of compilations which have the best moments of hilarity, since it can range from on topic moments to random absurdity. Fair warning though, they sometimes get into some NSFW conversations, which can often be hilarious too but might catch you off guard if you're not prepared.
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