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Orphan Black: "The Collapse Of Nature" Season Premiere Review

Orphan Black 4.01 "The Collapse Of Nature"

The fourth season starts off with a flashback episode, following Beth Childs as her life continues to spiral out of control which will lead to her decision of committing suicide. We're introduced to some new characters, including a new clone, and we get some answers to things we've wanted to know about Beth, but we're left with more questions regarding Neolution and what they want from Project Leda. This, of course, will undoubtedly be answered throughout the season.

I knew that this season was going to be shifting back to Beth and what she was investigating before the show started and before her suicide in the series pilot, so I was expecting little flashback sequences sprinkled throughout the season (which we still may get), but I didn't expect the season premiere to actually be a full-fledged flashback episode focusing entirely on her. That was such a pleasant surprise, and it delivered beautifully. We are thrust right in the middle of her basically on that downward spiral, turning to drugs as a way of coping with how her life has flipped upside down. We see her relationships with others, from Paul and Art to Alison and Cosima, all different from each other in the way she interacts with them considering the circumstances. I just want more scenes with her and Alison and Cosima, like actually meeting each other and spending time with one another since they obviously have a comfortable, close relationship with each other.

Beth's relationship with Art was a fascinating one, and I loved every moment of them together. It's very different from Art and Sarah, for obvious reasons, which makes this even sadder when you understand the full context. We knew that Art loved Beth, in more ones than one, but actually seeing their relationship you can tell just based on their interaction how close they actually were. It is beautiful and tragic all at once.

And I'm just so happy that we're actually seeing more of Beth, who up until this point has mostly been a mystery. She is the connecting link to everything, and the fourth season will be going back to what she uncovered which Sarah will pick right back up, going back to the beginning in order to move forward.

We are also introduced to a new clone, MK. She is off the grid and hiding in a hermit lifestyle in order to not draw attention to herself, because the Neolutionists believe she is dead. She is essentially a loner, only wearing a sheep mask to disguise her identity and only takes it off when needed. We learn that she is definitely the one who contacted Beth first and revealed the truth, along with who Alison and Cosima were. So, essentially she is the main reason why the Clone Club exists, even if she never revealed herself to anyone else expect for Beth. She has the connections, but is acting alone despite her contacting Beth. We have just gotten introduced to her and she's an enigma herself in certain ways, but I instantly feel sad for her. She has been alone, on the run, keeping tabs on the Neolutionists, and had been in regular contact with Beth for some time (mostly through phone calls and Skype conversations), and by the end of the episode as we're brought back to present day she is finally contacting Sarah. I'm hoping that when they finally officially meet, Sarah will introduce her to the rest of the Clone Club.

(I just want all the Clones to be one huge supportive family together, is that too much to ask?)

With everything else, I loved the parallels and connections in this premiere, with the returning of familiar faces, and of course being once again mesmerized by Tatiana's acting ability. Just the compare and contrast between Beth and Sarah-as-Beth, from the subtle differences of body language and personal quirks to her interactions with those around her. We've been so used to see Sarah imitating Beth that seeing the real Beth is like such a revelation. We're finally seeing Beth Childs the person, rather than a mere memory. And Tatiana is so talented to add in those tiny characteristics that are so nuanced yet make all the difference in understanding the character. I just continue to be further impressed by her every time she's on screen.

I'm very excited to learn more about the Neolution and what they have planned, and I can't wait for the rest of the season to give us more answers.

Overall, the fourth season opened on a high note and it was a flashback that gave us the important information which will guide Sarah and the rest of our lovely characters through this season. I liked that this premiere was kind of a prologue rather than a proper beginning of the next chapter. Again, we have to go backwards to move forward, and we're setting up for what I can already tell is going to be a fascinating season. And I cannot wait.
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