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Orphan Black: "Transgressive Border Crossing" Episode Review

Orphan Black 4.02 "Transgressive Border Crossing"

What I loved is that while we're back in present day, we're still having flashbacks to Beth. And it just makes the season premiere even better because it interconnects so seamlessly, like with Sarah and Art looking at the surveillance footage and seeing what we saw in the last episode, and seeing more that we didn't, after Beth had been suspended and what she was up to, the further she was spiraling. It just blends so perfectly, very well done. I'm hoping this continues on throughout the season, a little flashback here and there to connect with Sarah continuing what Beth had started.

I'm sad about Art seeing that surveillance footage, though. Even though it wasn't his fault, a part of him probably wishes he had understood back what was going on so he could have helped her.

Now that DYAD is out of commission, everything will be focused on Neolution. What we know about them so far is that they've been orchestrating everything from the beginning, and they have a different agenda that is unknown. We were introduced to those maggot-like creatures that are inside of their cheeks in the third season finale, and now it appears that not only was Beth (tipped from MK) uncovering this mystery surrounding that whole thing, but now it appears that Sarah has one inside of her. However that happened, whether it was while she was at DYAD or with Cody, we just don't know. Based on what little we've seen of these things, they apparently are fine for a while but then something goes wrong and it prompts people to want it surgically removed -- however, it cannot be done easily, since if you try to remove it the thing actually mutates and violently attacks. Acting as though it's part of the body's own defensive mechanism, so that is why the entire cheek must be surgically removed.

But what is the purpose of this thing? And why is the Neolution so interested in having the Clones injected with it, considering that MK (Mika) was targeted by these people, and possibly already had one and had it removed hence why she's been on the run from them all this time.

It's just fascinating, and I'm very curious as how this all ties into everything.

As for everything else, I'm just so happy to see everyone back together again. New locations, new interests and new developments happening. Helena is going to be having twins! I love it when Helena and Donnie are sharing scenes, it's a mixture of hilarity and genuine intrigue with their moments. I'm curious about Alison's reaction, though. I think she is possibly worried about Helena, considering that children are a lot of responsibility and that might prove to be too much for her to handle. From the sounds of things Helena has been helping out a little in the Hendrix household, but certainly is still kind of dependent on someone to take care of her and is more of a freeloader than anything else. And Helena, while making good efforts with integrating into regular society, she still has a long way to go to make it on her own. So I'm wondering how all of that is going to turn out. I also think that Alison does have a twinge of jealousy, since, while she loves her sisters and clearly loves her own adoptive children, she is still envious that one of them is able to have biological children. It's a normal reaction to have, I just hope that it gets talked about if this is the case that is bothering her.

(And, also, I'm very worried that something may happen to Helena's babies. I don't know why, but whenever something starts looking good for Helena something bad seems to happen and I don't want that for her. She deserves some happiness.)

Felix is going to be having his own little arc on the side with finding his birth parents, which I'm happy about. Felix has mostly been there as someone who helps out alongside Clone Club, which is lovely and all, but he is much more than that. There were moments that Felix did feel like a third wheel, where he didn't belong, and this is his way of doing something for himself for a change. I'm sure that Sarah will be supportive of this decision once she has a cooler head about everything. She was a bit quick to jump on the defensive about her and Siobhan being his real family (which is understandable since they've always been together, had each others backs especially recently), and definitely not a good idea to go to him after all that time away just to get into the Neolution club, but hopefully things will work out. They always do.

And while I haven't always been much of a Delphine or Cosima/Delphine fan, I'm hurting for Cosima since she seems to be in such an empty place at the moment. Her interaction with Delphine last season was kind of cold, distant, mostly because it had to be done. I'm wondering if Shay will make her reappearance again though, and not just because I adore Ksenia and I miss her face on my screen.

As for MK (Mika), I'm more curious about her then ever, and also quite sad for her too. She is definitely a loner but also quite lonely, and seemed to confide and trust in Beth so much that she felt she had finally found a friend in this whole mess...and then lost her. That flashback where she was so concerned and worried and begging for Beth to not leave her alone? Hurt my heart. Mika lost Beth and she probably blames herself, since she brought her into all of this. I hope that Sarah meets up with her again (properly) and that they can finish this together.

Overall, this was yet another solid episode, especially following the premiere which was pretty much perfection. This season is going to be one wild ride.
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