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09 May 2016 @ 07:45 am
What's the Stitch?  
I've been binging on the second season of Stitchers and have finally caught up, and things are getting quite intriguing.

Stitchers 2.01 - 2.07

I'm quite fascinated with the progression of what happened with Kirsten and Cameron when she was stitched into him in the first season finale, since whatever occurred she has now developed emotions again, something she lost when she was stitched into her mother when she was younger. Now granted, the thing about Kirsten when the show premiered was that she had an incredibly rare medical condition which at first seemed like she had no awareness of time, it gradually became something where she was just not that consciously aware of her behavior which was often aloof, distant and somewhat emotionally detached. This was all tied to what happened to her as a child, and how she is tied with the prototype of the entire Stitchers program, which is how all of this began and what she uncovered in the latter half of last season.

And now, after being stitched into someone who was half-dead, she has regained her emotions and kind of experiencing them for the first time. She's not different, but something definitely changed within her due to that one stitch. I find this intriguing and we need more details about how and why this happened. I certainly think part of the reason is her connection with Cameron. Usually when she stitches into someone she isn't emotionally attached to them, but this time was different; the stakes were higher, and by unlocking those memories inside his head, especially during the first time they met as kids, might have unlocked something inside of her as well.

This, of course, led to Kirsten having found out about Cameron's feelings towards her, and since she's now experiencing emotions she's trying to sort things out for herself on how she feels about him. Even though she has asked for time to figure things out and their professional relationship and friendship hasn't changed, there is still a level of UST happening, especially since Cameron is now seeing someone else.

Strangely enough, this is working for me. I think it's because it's being handled rather maturely by the characters. Cameron is respectful to Kirsten for wanting to take her time in figuring things out herself, while Kirsten is being respectful of him not waiting around. While there is certainly some awkward tension here and there, the UST and angst, they still have a friendship and are professionals in the workplace. Plus, even though Kirsten is having her own stuff to deal with in finding her father, it's an interesting turnaround to have her figure things out emotionally when it comes to Cameron. Since there is clearly something between them, it's just not necessarily the right time at the moment. Which is completely okay, considering everything that is happening.

And what is happening is that Kirsten's biological father might be the one who killed Ed Clark, and who may be behind everything surrounding the Stitchers program, including keeping everything a secret of their true intentions and targeting people who may get too close to the truth. At this point in the show, Kirsten has been seeing a strange apparition in the stitches, an anomaly, which is a small boy in a red baseball cap, who happens to be the image of a young Cameron. It's obviously not him, but definitely is someone who is hacking into the stitching software to deliver messages to Kirsten. I definitely believe it may be her father. If it's not, it's certainly someone who has access to program to infiltrate it as they do in order to get these secret messages to her for whatever reason. The message she received in the last episode is that she has a sister, or rather half-sister. Why this is prevalent information that needed to be reached to her, we don't know yet. But it's another part of the scattered puzzle that Kirsten is trying to piece together to make sense out of everything that has been happening in her life.

Another thing that has been happening is that Camille has been on a secret side mission, assigned by the orders of Maggie, to get close to Liam, Kirsten's ex-boyfriend, in order to find out what he knows since he may be working for Kirsten's father and is part of something much bigger. This did cause some brief tension between her and Linus and Kirsten, but now that Kirsten knows the truth, she has decided to voluntarily continue this mission from Camille because she desperately wants answers.

As a fan and viewer myself, I'm quite fascinated where all this may be leading to. It seems quite convoluted of a plot, but I'm honestly enjoying myself.

Other things I am liking about this season so far:

++ Camille is an absolute marvelous gem and I adore her so much. ♥ ♥ ♥ I have always loved her, but as soon as I started this season I had forgotten just how much and I fell in love all over again. Seriously, she is the best. I think my favorite thing is her dealing with her shitstain of a brother. Camille, coming from a harsh childhood, but rising up and then basically putting her foot down when it comes to her brother and standing up to him like she does was so fucking awesome. She is a fashionable, sassy, snarky badass genius and ugh, I love her. I especially loved that they alluded that she is bisexual. Yes please! More on that please! I felt horrible when she had to continually lie to her friends, especially to Kirsten and Linus, in regards with her mission with Liam. I know it was her job as instructed by Maggie and it was kept secret for a reason, and she was told to do whatever it took, but still.

++ Speaking of, I'm actually not that annoyed with Linus anymore? Last season he seemed a little too dudebro-y, and while he still has elements of that here and there they've kind of toned him down a bit. I'm just hoping that is he willing to forgive Camille because, they actually have something good going on here. I think him defending and standing up for her against her shitty brother was a huge indicator for that character growth, imho.

++ I'm kind of sad that they killed Maggie's boss in the premiere, since I wanted more information regarding him and everything else with the higher ups of the program, although I think that Oded Fehr has another job. Regardless though, it was nice seeing him on this show and I'm sad that he's gone.

++ Although I am rooting for Kirsten/Cameron to happen at some point, I actually like Nina? So far she is incredibly sweet and definitely on the same wavelength as Cameron in terms of nerdy stuff and all the talk of fandom is actually very relatable (and I commend the show for actually saying "bi" since television constantly ignores that term, even though I personally categorize Jack Harkness as pansexual). At the same time though, I can't help knowing that something is going to go horribly wrong in the near future; whether she is an intentional plant (like Liam was) or something is going to endanger her life, leading to their eventual breakup.

++ Fisher and Camille being best buds, training together in the beginning and everything? I dig it. I also ship it too. SO MANY SHIPS, I CANNOT OKAY.

++ I also have to mention the role reversal aspect between Cameron and Kirsten. Season one had Kirsten being rather reckless and nonchalant in how she approached situations whereas Cameron was less likely to do so, now after everything Cameron is the one being more of a daredevil and taking action without thinking while Kirsten is worried for his safety. It's an interesting reversal, though not drastically enough that they've both become rather unrecognizable since they're still them. Cameron's behavior is understandable given his second chance at life and he feels kind of rejuvenated and wanting to live it to the fullest, even though he can be somewhat reckless in his behavior at times, and Kirsten's situation is tied with what happened with her regaining her emotions. This, of course, is purely intentional.

++ So this new thing with texting appearing above characters heads instead of showing the actual phone screen....is this strictly a network thing? Because Pretty Little Liars did the same thing in their recent season.

Season 2 So Far: Seven episodes in, and I'm really enjoying it. Of course I haven't had any complaints about this show, it's just a fun ride and I'm all in. I love these characters, I love seeing the different cases they're put on, and I'm very intrigued with what is happening with the bigger plot. Can't wait to see where the rest of the season takes us.
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Ery-chan: Ship: Camstenerychan86 on May 9th, 2016 03:25 pm (UTC)
I'm loving this season. I'm totally okay and even more with the fact they decided to confront the elephant in the room right away with Cameron knowing she knows how he feels, and I think that now that Liam is "back" in the picture things between Kirsten and Cameron are going to get pretty interesting... She said to him she needed time to figure out her feelings and then she said to him she doesn't want to lose him as a friend... If she start to see Liam (like I think she will) and Cameron finds out (and I think he will pretty soon) Cameron might have a pretty interesting reaction... I think we'll see something on the next episode tomorrow evening!

I love Camille too and I have to admit and I ship Camille/Fisher quite badly at the moment! Linus is such a child still... he's growing a little but not fast enough, she can do so much better and I can't forgive him for what he said to Cameron about his relationship with Kirsten... (I can't forgive him for everything he did in that episode actually... Such an awful friend...). I like Nina too, she's very confident and it's refreshing... When they had dinner at Kirsten's she dealt with the whole thing in a wonderful way... She's not stupid so I think she knows Cameron has/had feelings for Kirsten but she's confident and mature enough to think "He's with me now and I'm a cool girl and I'm not going to feel threaten by the past". I don't think she's a spy, but I think she's going to end things with Cameron when she'll understand Kirsten is not a past crush...

There's just one thing I feel I need to complain about: the time slot... Why did they put the show at 10 pm? Freeform is showing old Harry Potter movies before the show... Not a great idea I think... An Harry Potter fan already have DVDs and watched the movies plenty of times.... it would never tune in to watch it with commercials in between scenes... I think it's not a good move and the numbers are not that goos... Still I hope they're going to pick the show up for a third season because I think they're doing a very good job!
Renée: Elementary. Joan Watson.rogueslayer452 on May 10th, 2016 08:46 am (UTC)
If she start to see Liam (like I think she will) and Cameron finds out (and I think he will pretty soon) Cameron might have a pretty interesting reaction...

Oh definitely, and it's something I'm actually looking forward to seeing how all of that plays out.

Linus is such a child still... he's growing a little but not fast enough, she can do so much better

I'll be honest, I go back and forth with Linus. Last season I didn't like him at all, he seemed too much in the dudebro zone, this season he has grown a little bit and we've seen moments of his maturity, but at the same time he still just isn't in the same wavelength with Camille. I have liked a few moments with them this season, but overall I agree, I do think he still acts rather immaturely.

I certainly didn't like his attitude with the Cameron and Kirsten situation, however. Like, where does he get off trying to suggest that it won't work? How much experience has he had in that department? Seriously dude, back off and let them sort things out themselves.

I don't think she's a spy, but I think she's going to end things with Cameron when she'll understand Kirsten is not a past crush...

I have this feeling, too. And what I'm hoping is that it's done in a mature fashion and not in a jealousy way. I mean, we haven't gotten that so far anyway, but sometimes you never know. But Nina seems like someone who doesn't get jealous and who will understand these things, since as you said I definitely think she picked up on that chemistry between Kirsten and Cameron but isn't threatened by it. Once she realizes that Cameron still does harbor this crush of his, she'll end things but in a friendly manner rather than anything petty.

Why did they put the show at 10 pm? Freeform is showing old Harry Potter movies before the show... Not a great idea I think...

I'll admit I don't watch shows live anymore, but if that is the case then yeah, that is pretty weird. And certainly not a great idea when the show deserves to be at the 8pm - 9pm slot instead of so late. I love Harry Potter, but the network really needs to just stop showing the movies all the time. Save it for special occasions.
Nadine: Tv addictmalicat on May 9th, 2016 03:37 pm (UTC)
What I really like about season 2 so far is how *confident* this show has become. Sure,the plot seems pretty convoluted here and there but I feel like they have a handle on it?
And Kirsten/Cameron has been handled so well up until this point. I love that things are mostly out in the open and they are both so mature about everything. I have no doubt that they are going to be together eventually,when it's the right time for both of them :)

Camille is the greatest ♥ And yes,I ship here with Fisher too. They have such an easy chemistry and I like him a lot!
Renéerogueslayer452 on May 10th, 2016 05:28 am (UTC)
I know what you mean. I really liked the first season, of course, but they really have found their footing this season quite nicely. They have a nice balance of handling the episodic cases, individual character storylines and the main plot.

I totally agree regarding Kirsten/Cameron. Normally I would be annoyed with dancing around the subject, but thankfully they are handling it like mature adults, which isn't often seen especially on television. I mean clearly there is unresolved emotions between them in regards to that revelation, but as mentioned they both need time to settle things with themselves. It's a nice slow burn which will eventually lead to them getting together when they're both ready to. And so far, I think it's working nicely.

Camille and Fisher's chemistry is very playful, and I really like it a lot. ;)

Edited at 2016-05-10 05:30 am (UTC)