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11 May 2016 @ 06:09 am
Fandom Meme  
And now for that fandom meme that has been circulating about:
Comment with a fandom (or more than one) and I'll answer

The character I least understand
Interactions I enjoyed the most
The character who scares me the most
The character who is mostly like me
Hottest looks character
One thing I dislike about my fave character
One thing I like about my hated character
A quote or scene that haunts me
A death that left me indifferent
A character I wish died but didn’t
My ship that never sailed
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💋: heart leaps outmaybe on May 14th, 2016 07:45 pm (UTC)
Sarah Connor Chronicles
Renée: TSCC. John/Cameron.rogueslayer452 on May 14th, 2016 09:41 pm (UTC)

The character I least understand: I don't think there is a character I understand the least. There were certain characters, like Catherine Weaver, whose intentions are still unknown and will forever remain a mystery, but part of not understanding that is why she's so intriguing.
Interactions I enjoyed the most: The mother-son relationship between Sarah and John were very well-done, emotionally driven and even having moments of strain at times. I enjoyed every moment of seeing that development and seeing them grow as individuals. And of course everything that was John and Cameron's relationship on the show. I cannot love them more even if I tried. I also enjoyed Sarah and Derek's interactions, Derek and Jesse, Derek and Cameron having a hilarious but also tense kind of relationship as well. Overall, I really enjoyed pretty much every single interaction on this lovely show. It was such a strong, solid cast that they meshed so well and every scene was a gift.
The character who scares me the most: Cameron when she went evil!Terminator mode.
The character who is mostly like me: As odd as it may seem, there are certain Cameron-esque traits I think I possess.
Hottest looks character: Cameron, Jesse Flores, Sarah Connor
One thing I dislike about my fave character: Well, Cameron is a Terminator, a machine who was specifically built to destroy, so no matter what kind of reprogramming was done she could (and did briefly) revert to her previous commands. It's an inevitable flaw, considering the franchise itself. Another favorite character is Jesse, and while she truly believed she had the best intentions in mind for the future, her entire plan was centered around revenge and hatred (not all unjustified, of course); she basically took a young, innocent girl from the future and prepped her to unknowingly become bait. She should have known that something like this would backfire, but it was a risk she was willingly to take.
One thing I like about my hated character: I don't really hate any character from this show? I mean, I honestly can't think of anyone.
A quote or scene that haunts me: When Derek got shot and abruptly died. Like, we didn't even get a chance of mourning or slowing down because shit was happening, but the utter shock of that moment stuck with me simply because it was quick and sudden. It haunted me for some time because, well, Derek was a constant character on the show and was always there, and then he wasn't.
A death that left me indifferent: I don't think there was one, honestly.
A character I wish died but didn’t: None.
My ship that never sailed: Well, even though it is heavily implied on the show, we never actually got to see John/Cameron become officially canon, at least not in the way that we all wanted it to be. But it is definitely there, and intentionally too if the series finale is any indication, which was possibly the closest thing we'll ever get to confirmation of them being canon. We could have had it all, but then the show got canceled....