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Orphan Black: "From Instinct To Rational Control" Episode Review

Orphan Black 4.04 "From Instinct To Rational Control"

Here we have new background information regarding MK (born Veera Suominen), essentially her motivations and why she's been hiding this entire time. She has been on a quest for vengeance against Ferdinand, a man who she has only known by name but not by physical recognition, and who is responsible for killing other clones and friends. The sole survivor of an arson attack, MK went underground and has remained off the radar, hacking systems and tracking down anyone tied with the project. In this episode, we learn the truth about her research and her entire reason of releasing information to Beth which has tied everyone together. MK, essentially, has a separate agenda which is probably why she hasn't contacted anyone else outside of the other clones besides Beth, and now Sarah.

MK is basically the entire reason why Clone Club exists, why Beth informed Alison and Cosima about what they really were and had their entire lives turned upside down, and how Sarah got wrapped up into everything and why she continues to investigate what Beth initially started.

What I found interesting was the confrontation in Beth's apartment, how it sort of mirrored Sarah trying to talk down Helena in previous seasons. MK may be secluded from the others, but there is an unpredictability to her which can make her dangerous. Here she is mostly driven through her need of revenge, but after she basically did what she needed to do, she pretty much left. Sarah called her out on it, saying how she was the reason how they're all in this shit and that she's just going to abandon them, even when there are still other sestras out there still alive and need help. She understands the need of getting revenge, but not in the way that MK had long-time planned it. Though considering that MK has been living alone all this time and set on this particular thing for so long, she may need more persuasion. Her connection with Beth was probably the first time, in a long time, she ever had a close friend. And she lost her. I think maybe she's afraid of losing anyone else close to her again.

Essentially, MK is a very lonely individual who needs a firm support system behind her, I really want her to trust Sarah (and vice versa) and get to know the other sestras. I just want all the clones to be a huge family, is all I'm saying. CLONE CLUB FAMILY IS WHERE It IS AT.

Other things from the episode:

++ The Neolutionists having separate branches for what they're developing, including something that helps people who want to get pregnant, get pregnant fast. Not surprised, considering their ultimate endgame. Are they connected to the robotic maggots somehow? Perhaps. When you take into consideration the girl that Beth met who was pregnant, it definitely might have something to do with it, especially now that we know that the little maggots have the mechanism of changing someone's DNA. It makes you wonder why this is a development they need. I'm looking forward to learning more.

++ The IVF clinic scenes were hilarious, and hilariously awkward. Of course Alison and Donnie have that kind of roleplaying scenario, lol.

++ "Who's the science now, bitch?" A+++ Cosima.

++ I'm incredibly saddened that Helena thought she needed to leave because she felt like she was being a burden to the Hendrix household. Not just with the possibility of creating jealousy due to her being pregnant with twins, but also by creating more trouble for them due to something she did. I mean, she cares about her sestras that she doesn't want to bring more unwanted trouble into their lives, but I'm worried because she is pregnant she I don't know where she is going to go, or who she'll accidentally bump into on her journey.

++ I love Ferdinand. He's an antagonist, of course, in the slightly lesser of the two evils at the moment, but the actor himself is such a delight in the role.

++ Since her mother now knows that Rachel has been sending help messages to the outside world, to Ferdinand specifically, and has made aware that she is still alive, I wonder what is going to happen to Rachel and Charlotte.

Overall: I really liked this episode, I liked that we got more information and details about MK and what her initial motives were. I know that we're going to be seeing her again, but I'm still very curious about her as a character. How alone and lonely she is, how her desperation of gaining revenge, of plotting this whole thing is. And we got more info regarding the robotic maggots and what they possibly do, now we just need to why and more of the Neolutionist agenda.
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