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13 May 2016 @ 10:08 am
Stitchers: "Red Eye" Episode Review  
Stitchers 2.08 "Red Eye"

I think this is, by far, one of my favorite episodes this season.

The case itself was fascinating, the concept of them trying to stitch into as many people as possible in order to solve the mystery of who killed them, and we got some interesting plot related things happening. Again, proving that this show has definitely found its footing, balancing these elements out while still maintaining an exciting kind of storytelling that keeps you engaged. And I was intrigued as well as concerned over the well-being of our characters.

I liked that we saw how draining the experience can be when stitching into multiple people in a limited amount of time. We knew that the job has many demands and takes quite a toll on everyone involved, especially for Kirsten who is the one stitching into a person's memories. Even though the team consists of a handful of people monitoring her health, we don't often see how this truly affects her aside from some moments here and there. But here we're seeing the extent of how dangerous it can be to stitching into people several times in a row in a short period of time, which isn't normal protocol considering they only stitch into a single person twice within a twenty-four hour period. I just thought it was an interesting take on understanding how the process works, and how it affects everyone, from the exhaustion due to sleep deprivation and the stress of the job itself. This included trying to find loopholes into trying to stitch into as many people as possible, including taking some risks.

The biggest one revealed to us in this episode was something suggested to Kirsten when she was in brief stasis when they were switching out the bodies for the next stitch from the image of young!Cameron once again. He suggests stitching five people all at once so she can see from their perspectives at the same time. This is an incredible ability that is a huge risk, something that was never done before but Kirsten is determined to try it out, and it works. Though it makes you wonder why this suggestion was brought to her. Clearly whoever this knew that Kirsten would be able to do this, which makes me believe that it is her biological father orchestrating things from behind the scenes. Perhaps the reason why this was even brought to their attention in the first place was so the higher ups wanted to test Kirsten, see her limits and try to see if she was capable of doing what she was meant to do.

We also have some progression of Kirsten finding her half-sister, Ivy Brown, who at first wanted nothing to do with her, but then at the end of the episode called to say she changed her mind. I'm slightly apprehensive about this since I'm wondering if this girl is going to be genuine or someone with ulterior motives. But regardless, there must be a reason why she was told she had a sister, and it has me very curious.

Other things from the episode:

++ I'm happy that everything has been cleared up with Camille's mission which she has officially dropped, per Kirsten's request. And I'm happy that Linus believed her. In the end, she was just doing her job.

++ Liam snuck into their home to take pictures of Kirsten's wall. Yeah, he's definitely working for her father, and if not then for someone who wants information about her for the longest time. Also, Kirsten really should have written that stuff down on a piece of paper and hidden it somewhere. Like, as we've seen, anyone can just walk into her bedroom and see the equations and connections she's been deciphering. He basically knows everything, so I'm not entirely certain what is going to happen with Kirsten trying to contact him to get information when he already knows that she's connecting the dots.

++ Cameron worrying over Kirsten. Just. (✿◠‿◠) ❤

Overall: Such a fantastic episode. A great episodic concept, amazing progression of the plot and amazing character moments. Can't wait for the remaining episodes of the season.
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Ery-chan: Ship: Camstenerychan86 on May 13th, 2016 05:38 pm (UTC)
Though it makes you wonder why this suggestion was brought to her.
I think it was all a test to see how far she can go with her abilities especially now that she doesn't have temporal dysplesia anymore and she is "just a regular girl"... and I agree I think her father is connected to the whole thing!

I don't think Liam works for her father... I think he works for someone else... He saw his name on the wall so it's going to be very interesting to see them both faking their suppose interest in each other... Linus knows about Liam so I wonder if Cameron will find out too and he'll be aware he's just a mission (and he'll be super worried) or he'll be left wondering...

Two more episodes and things are getting pretty interesting!!!
Renée: Agents of Shield. Skye.rogueslayer452 on May 13th, 2016 09:06 pm (UTC)
Perhaps. I wonder if this was something planned all along? Including keeping tabs on her condition all this time (hence Liam being involved in her life for the longest time, keeping tabs on her)? I know that the attacks on them previously were because they were getting too close to answers, and those would only be available when Kirsten herself was ready. Whatever is happening, I'm deeply intrigued.

Whether this is connected with her father or something else, it's really interesting speculating.

It's ridiculous how the season is almost over. I know it's only ten episodes, but I feel like it just started. I seriously hope it gets renewed for a third season, because things are getting really intense and fascinating. Also, I wonder if we're going to be having a special episode this year like before, either Halloween or Christmas or something. Because that was something I was really pleasantly surprised by last year.
Ery-chan: Ship: Camstenerychan86 on May 13th, 2016 09:54 pm (UTC)
I know... It felt even shorter than season 1 for some reason... It feels like there's so much more to cover but I think they'll do a great job... This show deserves more followers: It's a very good procedural that spend the right amount of time on each of the main characters, it's very rarely predictable in its storylines and there's a very good chemistry between the actors!

We have good stories and great character development it would suck to see such a good products slip away... I think the slot it has be put in it's the wrong one and they didn't do a great job in the publicity department!

The stand alone special episode was very good and I liked how they tied it with season 2...

I really like Kyle Harris and Emma Ishta and I hope - if the show gets cancelled - we'll see them again soon on some other show... (and of course Alison Scagliotti too but I think she have a bigger resume and she could land another show in a second if she needs to!)
Julie: TFP ★ soar around fireragnarok_08 on May 13th, 2016 10:35 pm (UTC)
This episode was really good, I agree with you there :)