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Orphan Black: "Human Raw Material" Episode Review

Orphan Black 4.05 "Human Raw Material"

So we're getting deeper into what Neolution has been doing with the fertility clinic, genetic testing and experimentation on willful but unsuspecting women. Cosima witnessed an unnatural birth due to this particular experiment while she was investigating the facility, and is utterly horrified with what she saw. Here we're seeing the Neolution basically trying to perfect the human race, with examples of perfectly born babies with failed ones, while using women as unsuspecting incubators for their scientific experimentation. It's a horrifying notion, that even if these women are voluntarily signing up for something that will give them a healthy child, they are still being used for an ulterior motive, and as we've seen it is not 100% effective for every pregnancy, and some are kept there under surveillance. As we know that the Neolution observe them like lab rats.

Cosima confronting Susan Duncan about this unethical procedure was heartbreaking, particularly because while she is a scientist she is also the science, as well. She is sick, she didn't ask to be sick, she didn't ask to be part of an experimentation that has only caused her pain and suffering along the way. Not just for herself but for her sisters as well, who have either died from the same disease she suffers from or killed because they got too close to the truth, or worse. She and her sisters are seen as experiments, not individual people. Knowing that there were other living beings being used as experiments for this same purpose disgusted her, both as a scientist and as a human being. Susan then brought up the subject of using the original genome (Kendall Malone) again to create a cure for not just herself, but for all the other clones that may suffer the same disease somewhere down the line. It's the temptation of what is ethical, what is right, and how can we fix the science. Cosima is sick and if there is no alternative, there may be only that one way of finding the correct cure.

And now that we know that Kendall is dying herself, I don't know what is going to happen. Perhaps that is the key to understanding why the clones get sick and how to cure it, we don't know. The issue mostly lies with not allowing the Neolution getting a hold on her so they don't continue the genetic cloning process.

Other things from the episode:

++ Krystal is so close to uncovering the truth, yet never quite gets there. I'm disappointed to learn that they have no plans on getting Krystal to become self-aware and integrated into Clone Club or at least letting her in on what has really been happening, because after everything she's been through I think it would be best for her to at least know that she's not alone and isn't crazy. Yes, she's hilarious but I think it's quite sad nonetheless. I keep thinking about what she said last season is how she's not incredibly smart, but she's not totally stupid either. And I know that she is being used as kind of a comic relief at the moment and it's probably better for her to be more naive, but I really want her to become part of the Clone Club family at some point.

++ It was great seeing Donnie teaming up with other characters, first Felix and now with Cosima. And it was hilarious seeing his reaction to Krystal.

++ Things are complicated and tense between Sarah and Felix at the moment, which is frustrating but I understand where both are coming from. All Felix wants is to find his biological family, which is what some adoptive children want to do at some point in their lives, figure out where they came from to have a better understanding of who they are. Sarah has a mixture of twinges of jealousy and a lot of suspicions, because everything in her life lately has been a whirlwind of suspicious and dangerous shit. You can't blame her for being cautious, albeit slightly paranoid, with everything that's been going on, but Sarah herself is deeply flawed and this is one of her flaws. Once she realizes that this woman is, in fact Felix's biological family, you see the deep regret in her actions and how she behaved. I feel for her, and I do hope that she and Felix patch things up soon.

++ I'm glad we're touching more on Kira and her intuitiveness. They aren't dreams, but things she sees, she feels, things she can predict sometimes.

++ I'm worried about Art. Part of me wishes that he didn't approach that one detective who is a Neo regarding his visit to Beth, because otherwise he wouldn't be investigating him. I mean, not that I don't think they don't know, since they've very observant and everything, but I'm worried that he will go in too deep and get himself in a dangerous situation.

++ Oedpius situation happening between Susan Duncan and the Castor clone. Like....whoa.

Overall: I really liked this episode. I'm genuinely curious about how things are going to progress in regards to the Neolution and what this all means, particularly now that Susan Duncan has met Cosima, I wonder in how much danger is she actually in. They really don't want the clones being self-aware and snooping around. Now, I know that this review is a bit late and the next episode just aired last night, but I have yet to watch it so please no spoilers.
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