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Let's just replace Arrow with Birds Of Prey.

++ Berlin Station, starring Richard Armitage and Michelle Forbes, is a new spy series that will be premiering this fall on Epix. I have been following the updates on this, knowing that Richard had been in Berlin for months filming this show, and I'm pretty stoked that both he and Michelle worked together.

++ Recently at the television upfronts it was announced that the CW was going to be doing a massive crossover with all of its DC superhero shows: Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and newest network transfer Supergirl. Even though anything can happen when comic book multiverses are involved, it does make me wonder how this would even work and how successful these crossovers will be. I mean, there have been a few crossovers with Arrow with its spin-off series, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, because they exist in the same universe. Supergirl, however, doesn't exist in the same universe and the only reason we had a crossover with The Flash is the first season was because Barry accidentally flashed himself there and was trying to find a way back home. And that worked splendidly because, well, Kara and Barry together were adorable. Their personalities just meshed really nicely and I would love them to interact once again just due to that cuteness factor alone. I would also love Kara to meet the Legends of Tomorrow crew too. I just don't really see Supergirl meshing well with Arrow, to be honest. It's not necessarily on the same wavelength, tone-wise. So I don't know how that'll work, if that crossover even happens in that particular way. It's still in the early stages of planning these crossovers, and I'll admit it does sound slightly enticing to see how the final product will be. I'm just hoping that it works out for the best.

And again, even if this move makes sense I'm still rather nervous and apprehensive about the changes Supergirl will be making, and I'm hoping it doesn't suffer too greatly from it. Regardless though, I am here for this. ♥
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