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Orphan Black: "The Scandal of Altruism" Episode Review

Orphan Black 4.06 "The Scandal of Altruism"

Not only was this episode such a game-changer that shook the entirety of the show, it was also perhaps the most emotional one.

The fact that Evie Cho is the centerpiece of this whole thing, the engineer of the Neolutionist agenda, changes everything. She is someone who has ulterior motives, who has wanted Project Leda gone from the beginning. As she said herself, she believes that the clones are obsolete, that they are holding back the technological advancements of what Neolution has been doing. Susan Duncan is the creator of the clone project, and despite the questionable aspects of controlling their lives and observing them like lab rats, she has, in her own twisted wayt, always had them at her best interest as opposed to those who only see them as expendable. She is essentially the lesser of two evils. Evie, on the other hand, is working on a different level and sees them as obsolete, expendable and not part of the ultimate plan. She initially pushed Beth to kill Susan Duncan, but when that failed she basically told Beth to kill herself in order to protect those she loves, so none of the others continue going down the rabbit hole of figuring things out. Stay in the dark, keep to themselves, etc. It just all makes sense with how deep Beth got, how she finally was driven over the edge. Her death was half her spiraling out of control, but also believing that her death would, ultimately, put an end to everything. Her sisters would be safe, and she would have MK look out for them should anything go wrong.

I never expected them to kill Kendall Malone. I mean, I knew that there was going to be something more to finding a cure especially with the reveal of her cancer and how that would be a factor in making a compromise in exchanging information and deals; and it would have worked. It was a sound plan. But not one that Evie Cho wanted to have completed. Not only was it devastating the manner in which she died, but that Cosima was there to witness it. To add insult to injury, she also had to learn about what happened to Delphine.

Everything horrible happened in this episode that could possibly happen. Sarah got the maggot bot out from her cheek, but at what cost? I can just imagine the immense guilt that Sarah and Cosima will have by going ahead with this plan.

Other things from the episode:

++ Despite the dark nature of the episode, I am amused by how Art reacted to Krystal. I bet he expected her to know certain things and get her caught up, but then when he realized that she had absolutely no idea what was really happening, it was hilarious. Never mind adding Felix into the mix. I'm still saddened that she probably won't be included in Clone Club anytime soon, but at the moment it's for the best. Her remaining in the dark will most likely keep her safe for the time being.

++ Why am I thinking that Delphine isn't as dead as claimed? Evie tells this to Cosima, but perhaps it was a way of keeping her from continuing asking questions and investigating.

++ Seeing the reason why Beth decided to take her own life, seeing her confrontation of Susan Duncan before confronting Evie, that was haunting and sad but also really amazing. We're seeing how far Beth actually got, how far Sarah and the others have got and why this truly is a life and death situation.

++ While shocking with everything that happened, it wasn't done for shock value. This all has relevance to the plot and was not done in vain. Kendall was killed, but everything else was destroyed as well. The samples taken from her, the information gathered from their research, basically putting everything Sarah and the rest of them were working towards on an indefinite hold, wiping the slate clean so there is no trace. Unlike other shows that will kill a character for shock value, this show has purpose for what it does, and I deeply appreciate that.

++ I'm very curious and intrigued about Evie Cho. She wants to take control of things, to move things along with Neolution technology, she wants to be considered a pioneer of this scientific breakthrough particularly since she is someone who was born sick but was cured and therefore is a success story in that way, but still, I'm very wondering about her entire role in all of this. Plus, her reactions to the events in this episode are quite curious in itself. She wasn't cold or disconnected, she seemed to be slightly affected by what they were doing, like she was genuinely sorry for what needed to be done. Another thing I appreciate that the "bad guys" in this show aren't straight up evil, but just morally gray with ulterior motives and agendas of their own, not always for the good but they're human, with human emotions and reacts.

Overall: This was such an emotional rollarcoaster, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless. Even if it seems to have stalled the characters with their investigation and moving things forward, the show itself has moved quite a large step forward in terms of the understanding the main plot of this whole thing. It's going to be a devastating next episode, for sure, with the aftermath of what happened to Kendall and their research, but it opens more doors to figuring out where they go from here and what their next step is going to be.
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