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Stitchers: "The Guest" Episode Review

Stitchers 2.09 "The Guest"

This episode was very cleverly done, with Kirsten meeting her half-sister, Ivy Brown, and relaying the mission to her as means of stalling and not really giving her the information that she wanted, mostly because she was trying to understand what it meant that everything she's been doing has been a test. Never mind that revealing the truth about the Stitchers Program and the technology their father created wouldn't be the smartest move, especially if this was a test.

Also, it seemed very suspicious that Ivy kept asking about the technology. Granted yeah, both Kirsten and Ivy wanted information from each other in regards to Daniel Stinger, their shared father; Kirsten on his whereabouts, and Ivy about his technology. Of course it might've seemed rather suspicious to both of them each of their curiosities and demands of knowing something like that. And it also shows how they're both stubborn in getting the answers they want and need, something they have in common with each other. But still, the Stitchers Program is considerably a very confidential kind of technology and we know that the higher ups have other plans of using it, and those intentions aren't that great, so who knows who else might want it for should they understand what it does?

Regardless though, it was interesting seeing Kirsten and Ivy bonding. Even if they were trying to get information out from each other, they did have a half-sisterly bonding session with Kirsten relaying the case that was being solved, and it was great seeing Ivy helping out when she initially didn't even want to be there in the first place. Whether she is someone who is working for someone else and was testing Kirsten this entire time or not, it was a nice way of seeing Kirsten connecting with another person.

Other things from the episode:

++ I knew that the conversation between Cameron and Nina regarding his feelings for Kirsten was coming, and I knew that Cameron would choose Nina because everything surrounding Kirsten at the moment is mostly her dealing with her father and he just wants to live his life, and his current situation with Nina has allowed him a shred of normalcy. Even though I am hardcore rooting for Kirsten/Cameron to get together eventually, Cameron does genuinely like Nina and I agree with her that she doesn't want to be second best. I liked that she admitted that Kirsten is great, but she was also. I know that, everything else she's dealing with aside, Kirsten is sorting out her feelings for Cameron and that she definitely does feel a twinge of jealousy that Cameron does seem to be spending more time with Nina than with his friends, especially her, but that is normal for someone who is trying to understand emotions again. And I do like that they are handling it with maturity, at least at the moment.

++ I know that Linus isn't necessarily my favorite character on the show, but everything happening with his father is very emotional. It must be hard realizing that one of your parents is sick and there is nothing much you can do about it. Camille being there for him is sweet, I mean she's a nice person so of course she would be there for moral support. But also I love how his parents love her so much. It's adorable.

++ Liam getting shot because he was going to Kirsten about her father I kind of saw coming, but it does lead you to wonder why people are getting hurt or killed whenever Kirsten does get closer to her father or the truth. Who is doing this? Why? She was told that she's being tested, but for what? I suppose that in the season finale we're gonna stitch into him and see what he knows which will ultimately show us the truth of the situation.

Overall: This was a well-structured episode, very nicely put together with having Kirsten and Ivy together, kind of dancing around each other a bit with trying to gain information from one another and ultimately ended up having Ivy helping Kirsten out in the end. We are getting closer and closer to knowing what and who is behind everything. Now, I haven't seen the season finale yet, which just aired, so please no spoilers on any reveals that happened until I post my review of that sometime later.
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