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Stitchers: "All In" Season Finale Review

Stitchers 2.10 "All In"

In the second season finale of Stitchers, we finally get everyone onboard with what's been happening, plus some other surprising revelations.

First of all, we get the reveal that Kirsten's mother is still alive. Or, rather, she has been kept alive through a stasis pod for fifteen years. For what purpose, we don't know yet, but it was quite a jarring revelation particular for Kirsten after believing that she was not only dead, but she was responsible for her death (which was the cause of her temporal dysplasia) from stitching into her at a young age. This is probably the most shocking revelation of the finale because it really amps up the stakes of what has been happening behind the scenes all along; first, the kept secret that David Clarke had been kept in stasis for months after his death, and then the fact that Kirsten had to find her father to get further answers, and then finding out that her mother is still alive. While we've always known that there was a bigger agenda the higher ups weren't telling the main team, now we know who is behind it and now the rest of the team knows it as well. It's really kind of refreshing that everyone seems to be on the same page now in regards to Daniel Stinger and what he's been doing, him hacking into the stitches and communicating with Kirsten, giving her hints and clues.

But the question is why? He's said that this was a test, she's been tested her entire life, and things would only be revealed to her once she was ready. Was it because of her temporal dysplasia, and that was the reason why he left in the first place and had David Clarke take care of her? It's like everything has been orchestrated since she was a child, ever since the incident. She is the template of how the Stitchers Program came to be, and she has been tested to see how far she could go, hence Stinger giving her hints and tricks, such as stitching into multiple people at once. It really makes you wonder what she's being tested for. I have a feeling that David Clarke was merely supposed to be someone who would raise her until the time came when she would be selected, but he grew attached to Kirsten and wanted her to live a normal life without being subjected to what Stinger was doing, hence why not only did he confront him (which led him to being killed), but also left clues for Kirsten to find out, including the information that her mother was still alive.

Also, we get Maggie's douche boss who basically threatens Kirsten, calling her his possession and property, like she's an object rather than a human being. Is he working for Stinger? Or is it the other way around?

We still have so many unanswered questions!

And I have to say, though, this is the first time we've seen Kirsten get so emotionally distraught. This season was her experiencing emotions for the first time since her childhood incident which gave her temporal dysplasia, and while she isn't that much different from before we've been slightly seeing how she deals with these particular emotions, usually when it concerns her feelings regarding Cameron and what she saw in his memories from the first season finale. But we've definitely seen a difference with how she handles situations, how she approaches other characters. But we haven't really seen much of her expressing her emotions in such a way like this episode, which makes sense because she has reached kind of rock bottom. Her feelings for Cameron, the complications with her half-sister, along with her obsession with finding her father always coming to dead ends and just trying to find answers and hitting roadblocks at every turn. And then finding out that her mother is alive all this time and how people have lied to her about everything. It's understandable that she would basically wind up in a place where she feels so emotionally tired, to when Daniel Stinger basically takes her into one of her own memories that she couldn't remember she had about a happy family life with her mother, she wanted nothing more than to just stay in there. No more complications, no more going down a road to where getting answers is impossible. Just a happier, simpler time without all the mess. It's horrible that she's reached that point, but it makes sense with everything she's had to deal with.

But I'm so thankful that not only were they able to hack into Stinger's hack, but that Cameron was the one talking to her. The finale was basically a mirror of the last finale was like. Both Kirsten and Cameron helping each other out, being concerned about one another.

Speaking of which, one of the things that I love about Kirsten/Cameron is that, while we're definitely setting up for them being together eventually (that slow burn that I love), Cameron being involved with someone else doesn't take away the importance of their friendship. Furthermore, it proves that their relationship and connection runs much deeper than that. I really appreciate that they're not forcing them into a romantic relationship when neither one of them is ready or in the right place yet, plus I also really appreciate the show for dealing with them on a mature level, and have them deal with things with the same maturity. Kirsten discovering her emotions and feels for Cameron doesn't mean she can't have a twinge of envy when she sees Nina and Cameron together, but it also doesn't mean that she has to go on a jealous rampage. I like that they're balancing that in the right way and showing that they are still very close and have a special bond.

And with that, I'm hoping that Kirsten gets out from the memory limbo she's currently in because of Cameron's words, similarly to how Cameron got out of his situation previous in the beginning of the season.

Other things about the episode:

++ The kiss that happened between Cameron and Kirsten was very obviously emotionally charged from Kirsten's end. Everything was coming crashing down on her and she needed someone to feel safe with, and even if it was awkward a bit because Cameron was still with Nina at least Kirsten understood that immediately after a moment and left, and apologized instantly for her bad decision when she got the chance to. Again, the maturity thing.

++ I'm actually very happy that Linus' parents have always known that he was in the Stitchers Program, and that they were approached from the beginning about his intelligence and special skills and know the important work that he does. It makes me wonder if the families of anyone else who works there might know too. But either way, I really have grown attached to his parents because they're so adorable that I'm worried about his father's state, since we saw a small snippet from the montage that something was happening at the hospital.

++ Somehow I'm not surprised that Liam was an intentional plant into Kirsten's life, and it must've been infuriating for Kirsten to learn that he was working with her father and that he wasn't who he said he was from the very start.

++ Awww, Fisher/Camille almost became a thing! At least, Camille was thinking about it whilst getting a bit tipsy. Awww. I wished it happened too, bby.

++ Kirsten and Camille figuring things out themselves and doing some investigative work, that is that kind of content I want to see. Also, A++ for Camille wearing the David Bowie shirt, which I'm pretty sure was Allison Scagliotti's influence.

++ I really want to get into what is happening with Maggie because we get into what is happening with all the other characters and their personal lives, but not Maggie. And right now something is happening with her son that she seems very upset about, and I want to get into that more.

++ The moment when the entire team basically took down the NSA officers was brilliant.

++ While I'm disheartened that Ivy seems very vindictive against Kirsten at the moment, I don't blame her for feeling betrayed. Assuming that she doesn't know more than she's letting on, if what is being said about her is true, she was intentionally being groomed to be someone that Daniel Stinger (or whoever is working the operation) would use for stitching purposes, similar to how Kirsten was. She feels like Kirsten has intentionally been withholding information and trying to charge their father with something that she believes he didn't commit, and she is holding it against her. Which part of it is true, but only for her safety. I'm hoping that she learns the truth and will somehow forgive Kirsten.

Season Finale Overall: This was quite an emotional rollarcoaster of a finale, where we're getting closer and closer to uncovering the truth. We know that the Stitcher's Program has ulterior motives and we know that Daniel Stinger is behind a lot of it, but it makes me wonder just how much power he has or if someone else is pulling the strings. We have a lot of the pieces to the puzzle, but we need to put them together to figure out what has been happening and what the intention they have with Kirsten. But overall, this season finale was emotionally charged one, with many personal relationships being explored between characters, and that final scene was so beautifully perfect, with Cameron talking to Kirsten and reassuring her that he'll always be there with her and for her, the same as Kirsten was there for Cameron. Just. ♥

Season Two Overview: I loved every moment of it. I actually think the second season is even better than the first, and that says something because I really loved the first season. But I think the show found its pace and identity that it was able to balance out so many of its elements, from focusing on individual character developments (no matter how big or small) to episodic cases and the bigger plot. It didn't feel like it gave us too much or too little, it was the right amount of pacing and structure that it made it all work. It was brilliant and I really want to see what else they can do in the future, which is why I want it to be renewed.

For anyone who hasn't been watching Stitchers, I highly recommend that you do. It's a fun little show, with only ten episodes per season, and it deserves more recognition and attention because it's seriously so amazing.
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