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Orphan Black: "The Antisocialism Of Sex" Episode Review

Orphan Black 4.07 "The Antisocialism Of Sex"

Considering what happened in the last episode, showing how rock bottom the clones are at the moment is perfectly understandably. Both Sarah and Cosima blame themselves for what happened to Kendall Malone, and both are trying to find ways of coping and handling the situation. Alison is also on edge because she feels the loss of Kendall as well, and what it means for the rest of them, and of course trying to make everything seem normal when it actually isn't.

I'm not surprised that Sarah just hit that place of rock bottom, despite the fact that everything that happened would have happened anyway if Kendall was captured in any other scenario, she feels like she betrayed her mother by going along with this plan behind her back. Siobhan just got her own mother back and they were forming a relationship, one that had been lost for a long time, and then she lost her. Sarah feels responsible and at fault for this misstep and not seeing this coming beforehand, so she goes back to her old ways. Excessive drinking, partying, drugs and sex, making reckless self-destructive decisions to try and forget these problems. She blamed herself and needed something to numb that pain. Interestingly, and rather appropriately, she began hallucinating Beth following her around, since she was going down that particular road that Beth had been going. When she stopped on the bridge, overlooking the trains going by, contemplating possibly taking her own life because she couldn't live with what happened, it was very clear that she had hit that lowest point. Cosima, as well, since she feels equally, if not more, responsible since she basically signed a deal with the devil in the first place. Now, with Kendall gone (having been forced to witness the event as a message to the other clones) and the possibility for a cure gone with all their research erased, they are at square one and she saw no other alternative than the only option available to her: the bot that was inside of Sarah, thinking that this was her only chance at fixing things. It was risky and could have killed her, but she thought it was all she had.

But thank goodness for Felix, since he was the savior both of them needed so they wouldn't make rash decisions from grief. With the information from Krystal from the previous episode, he was able to pass along this knowledge to Cosima, giving her an inkling of hope that Delphine might still be alive. Felix also was able to reach Sarah just in time on the bridge, convincing her that she is stronger than Beth was, and that this isn't the end of things. They will find a way to fix this together.

I love that Felix never gave up on Sarah, that he knew immediately that Sarah was going to go down this hole and that this wasn't going to be like before. He was going to do whatever it took to bring her home, and he did.

Other things about this episode:

++ I know most of what was talked about from this episode was the fact that we were should that Sarah has no objections of having sex with both men and women, and therefore her being bisexual has officially been considered canon. Which that is great and all, though I'm sad for her at the same time, she was getting drunk and high and having sex as a means of numbing the pain and her own guilt.

++ PEACHES in this episode. Fuck yes. ♥ ♥ ♥

++ Everything is coming down on the Hendrix and their criminal activities in this season. While we kind of knew that it was coming sooner or later, it's really horrifying that this is only happening because of the Neo detective who is using this a leverage to control the clones, make it known that all of the information that they've known about them is going to be used against them, especially in the legal sense. Never mind that Donnie being arrested for their previous drug dealing gig during their kids' birthday slumber party. Like, rude.

++ I'm so ready for more with Kira and her intuitiveness. She was a godsend for knowing that Sarah was going to be following Beth's path, but now that MK (Mika) has made contact with her I'm wondering what is going to happen next.

++ I'm not surprised that they would reveal the possibility that Delphine is still alive. Again, we never saw her body, we never saw her actually die. Just get shot.

++ So, the Neolution is basically wanting to end everything Leda related to further pursue their own scientific research; according to them the naive clones are to be left alone, however Evie Cho wants all the self-aware clones to be dealt with immediately. She also pretty much snides at the notion that Rachel Duncan being someone to lead Neolution, pretty much further putting her opinion down that clones are not just expendable, but also obsolete. She doesn't view them as an evolutionary advancement since they apparently are doing so much more with their technology and plans. I feel that Rachel is going to be fueled by this decision to do something much more, possibly even contacting her other sisters to take down Neolution once and for all.

++ Speaking of, I'm so fascinated with everything that was revealed in regards to the history of Neolution, Project Leda, the location in which they are currently at, and the swan which apparently Rachel saw with her Neo-tech eye. Like, all the symbolism is just so intriguing.

Overall: While the previous episode was shocking, this one was still suffering the emotional aftershocks from it. This episode was about grieving, and the risky and reckless behavior one deals with for such immense guilt. We see everyone hit a certain low point, but after being reassured that they need to get their shit together because it's not over yet, they will definitely get together to come up with a solid plan to defeat this. I am ready for the Clones vs. Neolution uprising.
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