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Hello, Moto....

++ The first official promotional character portraits for the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play are being released, and while this play is not something that I'm that interested in (and nor am I going to consider it canon, since I'm not a fan of the epilogue and I don't even consider that canon either) I'm very pleased that we have a black Hermione and that her daughter is black as well. The racists have already come out of the woodwork, sadly and disgustingly so, however it shouldn't lessen the excitement of seeing this level of representation. And we have an adult Draco and his son, and again even though I'm not interested in this play in the slightest I'm still a bit apprehensive about what their portrayal and roles in this will be.

++ There is a throwback commercial to the Razr flip phone, now I have no idea if this is something that's actually happening (if they can even converge the new with the old) or it was just for nostalgia purposes. Either way, it worked in bringing back the memories of not just the phone but the time of which it was released. I actually still have my old pink Razr phone, defunct obviously, but it's not only one of my favorites, it's also one of the prettiest phones I've ever owned. The only phone that can possibly compare is the new Rose Gold iPhone, which I don't have and probably will never get. At least, not until it becomes "old news", which has always been the case with the phones I get.

++ So, I have no plans on seeing the Alice Through The Looking Glass movie (never saw the first one, and to be honest these movies don't interest me and I heard it was terrible anyway), however the fact that Richard Armitage is in it for, like, three minutes makes me smile. I knew he had a cameo in the film, he mentioned it months ago, but I didn't know the extent until I saw the caps of his appearance. All regal and handsome, yass. ♥
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