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Orphan Black: "The Redesign of Natural Objects" Episode Review

Orphan Black 4.08 "The Redesign Of Natural Objects"

If there's one thing that everyone should know by now, never mess with Siobhan Sadler.

Detective Marty Duko was a newly introduced antagonistic character this season, seen as someone associated with the Neolution and basically a corrupt cop. He follows orders from Evie Cho and manipulates things behind the scenes. What we saw with his approach to Beth earlier in the season during the flashback, along with his recent threatening and blackmailing of Alison and Donnie. Even as we learn of the extent of his shadiness and some of his motivations, it still doesn't excuse him for what he did and continued to do. Siobhan getting vengeance and justice for her mother was lovely, and something we all saw coming. Because you honestly don't cross her, especially when it comes to her family.

Alison would never betray her sisters, that is something I knew would've ever happen no matter how bad things got. She was just backed into a corner and tried to handle the situation as coolly and discreetly as possible (because that is the Hendrix way), but when she realized things were out of her control she knew she had to do something. I think Felix being there, at her request, and him giving that level of support helped her a lot about what needed to be done. All the sisters have done this at some point throughout the series. And I'm pretty sure that they never believed that Alison would betray them either, but they definitely knew something was up. And I'm just so utterly thankful for Felix, really? The season started off a bit on shaky ground especially between him and Sarah but he has really stepped forward it becoming the moral support all of them need in these hard times.

And now we finally have a plan of action for finding a proper cure for their ailments, one that is basically a make or break it where Cosima is concerned. Combining Leda eggs with Caster sperm is a very risky thing, not to mention borderline incestuous (even medically and scientifically), but it's something that Cosima is absolutely set on accomplishing. I'm honestly really hoping it works. They've hit so many rock bottoms when it comes to finding a cure for their illness. Cosima is nearing her time and we just found out that Mika is sick, as well. This needs to work. But I'm also wondering what the price will be, not to mention that I'm worried about Cosima. She's been on the brink of death since the first season, only surviving by a thread with their attempts at finding a cure, and with the possibility that Delphine may be alive, it makes you wonder whether it'll be a reverse situation come next season.

Other things I liked in the episode:

++ I'm still very curious with what those projections Rachel is seeing with her implant. First with the swan (Leda symbolism) and then the strange bearded man. Somehow it reminds me of The Eye, though obviously none of the paranormal elements. We still have no clue as to why this is happening or what it means yet, but it's pretty nifty, I gotta say.

++ As depressing as it was finding out that Mika is now sick too, I'm happy that she has made contact again with Sarah and has finally met the others. Cosima especially, since she has known about her for a long, long time.

++ Donnie being in prison was scary, mostly because we knew it was a setup, but I was shaking my head at him trying to exaggerate and seem like a "bad guy" to the other inmate. One of the things that always remains consistent with Donnie is how, even when he tries his hardest to protect his family, sometimes he does come across as too naive in certain situations. I kind of expected him to pull a Piper Chapman when the inmate asked what he was in for (also calling back the fanon reference of Orphan Is The New Black, lol).

++ Alison performing in her own version of Jesus Christ Superstar was perfect and hilarious.

++ I don't blame Siobhan for getting revenge on Duko after what he did to her mother, and of course adding more fuel to the flame was his entire involvement in preventing the rest of the clones from living their lives. It does, however, lead into the question on how they'll defeat Evie Cho. Duko was just a pawn in her game, and she seems to be the one holding a lot of power over them. Duko may have pulled the trigger, but Evie Cho is the main target. And now Susan and Rachel want to work together with Sarah and the rest of Clone Club to ensure that Evie doesn't get that kind of power and control. It's rather interesting that they're all on the same side now, begrudgingly, but in a way this is something I've kind of been wanting for a while now. And now that Cosima and Rachel will be swapping places, it'll be interesting to see how Sarah and Rachel will interact with each other now after everything that has happened since their last physical meeting.

Overall: We're making good progress with the plot and I'm highly anticipating what is coming next. Rachel and Sarah working together, Cosima going to the remote island to work on a hopefully successful cure, and their ultimate plan on taking down Evie Cho once and for all.
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