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I realize I'm late to the party, but I honestly have to gush about everything that is Deadpool. Short version? It was absolutely awesome.

To preface, I wasn't at all familiar with the character of Deadpool aside from seeing people dress up as him at conventions and creating numerous amounts of hilarity. I didn't realize that was what the character actually was, and of course with the buzz and anticipation of his own feature film, I had to really get a full understanding of who Deadpool was and whether this film would do him justice. Judging from the main reaction from audience/fans and critics alike, I would definitely say they accomplished that and then some. This is all adding to the fact that even before the film premiered there was so much with the promotional material and ad campagin that sets the mood of what we were in for, including the red band trailers.

Wade Wilson is a mercenary who gets diagnosed with terminal cancer and, after getting offered a chance of having his illness cured along with the possibility of becoming a superhero, he sees no other option in his situation than to get that risky operation done. Only he finds out that he's been royally screwed over, hard. Made immortal but left horribly disfigured, he plans on getting revenge on the douche who did this to him and hopes of reversing the effects.

Deadpool stays true to the his character in the comic books. It is appropriately crude and vulgar in its language and humor, with tons of gratuitous violence and gore, with sex scenes and nudity that thankfully isn't at all exploitative or offensive in any way. One of the main signatures of Deadpool himself is how self-aware he is to the fact that he's a comic book character. He often breaks the fourth wall (including a fourth wall within a fourth wall, lol) by communicating with the audience, making in-joke pop culture references including other superhero franchises, along with making fun of the actor himself, Ryan Reynolds. It goes into very meta places, and it never takes itself too seriously. But it also knows how to balance out the hilarity with the serious situations that are happening. When Wade is being relentlessly tortured by Francis and Angel Dust during his "rehabilitation" for transformation it is no laughing matter, neither is watching his utter desperation and breaking of spirit when shit goes downhill. The film itself may have a simple plot, but it has a lot of heart and soul which shows tremendously from the incredibly writing and casting and effects done, especially for a film that is surprisingly low budget in comparison to all the other superhero films we've been getting lately.

Ryan Reynolds was practically born to play Wade Wilson/Deadpool, he was simply perfect for the role. And I don't say this lightly, either. He wanted to have a faithful adaptation of the character and fought so hard for it to be made, and made the way it should be. This passionate determination made his performance, and this film, a rightly utter success.

The supporting cast is just as perfect, as well. Colossus was absolutely a darling and is said by many to be the most accurate portrayal of the character, everything about Negasonic Teenage Warhead was awesome and I want more of her. Ajax/Francis made a good supervillain, impervious to pain which made the fight scenes between him and Deadpool so amazing to watch. Gina Carano was amazing as Angel Dust, and I totally understand why everyone fancast/wanted her as Wonder Woman. That fight sequence with her and Colossus was awesome to watch. And of course, I cannot praise enough for Morena Baccarin as Vanessa. Everything that was Wade and Vanessa's relationship was so beautifully structured, from their first meeting to the end when they reunited. You truly become enraptured to how in love they are with each other, how their personalities fit so well and how much they're willing to do for the other. They have such wonderful chemistry and I was rooting for them the entire time.

Favorite Moments from the Movie:

It's really hard to choose specific moments because I practically loved the entire film from beginning to end, but here are some things that really stood out for me.

** One of the things I appreciated was how Vanessa wasn't demeaned for her profession as a sex worker, and she remained a sex worker even when she and Wade were in a romantic relationship. She never changed who she was and it was beautiful and profound, in my opinion.

** The Wade/Vanessa sex scene montage was perfect because it was both raunchy and tastefully done at the same time. We understood their relationship and how they celebrated their love with how they had these particular themed sexual moments at particular holidays or moments throughout the year. Sex scenes in movies can be pretty daunting and uncomfortable most of the time, often shown through a male gaze, but this was not only appropriately done to demonstrate their love and how much time has passed, but also hilarious because of the scenarios that occurs with them. From pegging to them not having sex for Lent, it was a beautiful way of showcasing their relationship and mutual understanding and respect for each other.

** The opening credits were hilarious and entertaining. I'm sad I didn't see this in the theater because immediately you're thrown into a laughing fit. If you weren't certain what kind of film you were about to watch, the opening credits set you up quite nicely. From the Honest Trailer-esque starring names to "Angel in the Morning" by Juice Newton playing over a stilled scene from a very violent fight that happens in the film itself, there is no doubt that this was the perfect way of opening up Deadpool.

** When in full costume, I loved that they basically did the movements of the eyes on his mask so there's proper emoting as seen in the comics. It's difficult to achieve, but this is something that the special effects did astonishingly well. We get to see him frown and go wide-eyed and raise his eyebrows, and just a whole range of emotions and it was so flawlessly done. Similarly, even though we all know that Colossus is CGI, you can't really tell all that much because of how seamlessly he blends into the surroundings to be as realistic as possible without looking cartoonish or unbelievable. When he is fighting with Angel Dust, you really feel the brutality of the punches and the movements.

** The action and fight sequences were so damn cool, not to mention absolutely brutal in their execution. This is why this was rated as high as it did, because where else are you going to have your protagonist decapitate someone and kick the head to take out other guys, or shoot a single bullet to kill three dudes in one go? Or have a brutal fight in a fire with your protagonist completely naked? Seriously. This film gives you reasons to laugh whenever Deadpool mercilessly kills someone because of his ongoing commentary. It's gold.

** While this film had unapologetically R-rated with its crude language and dark humor, it never felt like your typical "fratboy dudebro" kind of comedy. My sense of humor is strange in itself at times, but the general guy humor (see: toilet and gross out humor) just isn't something that appeals to me, especially when it usually goes down the sexist route most of the time. Deadpool, however, never goes into that horribly uncomfortable territory with its humor. It actually respects women and never downplays the intelligence of the audience. Now everyone is different with their sense of humor and their tolerance for the gore/violence, but I didn't find anything wrong with it and was able to enjoy the film. Besides, Deadpool as a character has never been that "dudebro" kind of guy anyway, and to make a film like that would be doing him quite an injustice. So I'm glad they didn't go that route.

** The music in this film was aces. Just from the previews the usage of Salt N Peppa and DMX was enough to make me go all heart eyes.

My Wishlist For The Sequel

** I really want there to be more of Deadpool's pansexuality to be pronounced in the sequel. We got some indication in this one with his comments about certain male characters being attractive or cute (with the added credits animated!Deadpool getting boners when both men and woman co-stars names appeared, and in part of the ad campaigns as well), but many could simply brush it off as just another one of his joking antics, which is unfortunate because Deadpool is canonically pansexual in the comics. So, in the sequel I want there to be him either shamelessly flirting with more characters, him having a boyfriend or even mentioning a former boyfriend. Plus, Ryan Reynolds is all for Deadpool having/had a boyfriend. But at the same time, I don't want his relationship with Vanessa to be sacrificed in order for that to happen. They setup that relationship too beautifully, and Vanessa is too much of a gem to be treated like that. Case in point: let there be polyamory. Problem solved.

** Not to develop sequelitis. I know it's difficult for some to even fathom regarding Deadpool, but even some of the best franchises have suffered because of terrible sequels. This movie succeeded because nobody expected it to, and it was made purely for the fans, it had a lot of dedication and passion going into it because nobody even though it would get made the way it did. Now that it broke box office records and is the highest grossing R-rated superhero movie, there is going to be a lot of high expectations for the sequel.

** More of the brilliant marketing campaign. Seriously, the clever shit they came up with to fuck with everyone in promotion of this film was pure genius.

The Film Overall: Deadpool was such a delightful experience. I knew I would like it based off what I saw, but finally seeing the full product I can definitely say it's probably my favorite movie of 2016 so far. Deadpool has also become one of my favorite anti-hero superheroes as of late, right after Jessica Jones of course. 10/10, will watch again and again. ♥ ♥ ♥
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