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Orphan Black: "The Mitigation of Competition" Episode Review

Orphan Black 4.09 "The Mitigation of Competition"

Seeing Rachel and Sarah reluctantly work together was absolutely fantastic and something that I've been waiting seasons for, but I think my favorite moment is seeing Rachel basically take down Evie Cho and destroy her career in a single blow. It was manipulative and such a Rachel move, but it was beautifully constructed that I can't even be mad at the method she went with to achieve it. It was well executed, bravo.

However, it makes you wonder what the next step will be considering we only have one more episode for this season. With Evie Cho dismantled from her position, at least her influence with no possibly way of doing damage control, what will be her next move? Will she claim defeat? Will she try to go after Rachel, or even the rest of the clones, herself? Will Susan Duncan be made head of the Neolution, or will Rachel want that position herself? Or is there an ulterior motive to dismantle the Neolution altogether from within? So many questions, which this show does best. It gives us answers and some conclusions, but adds more questions and mysteries to the pile.

But the biggest one is what has Rachel been seeing through her Neo!eye? We get repeated images of the swan (both alive and dead, and being butchered), a bearded man, and other men with guns surrounding a particular area. Rachel says that it's of the island they were on, possibly on the opposite side where Susan Duncan is located? And if so, why are they there? Who are they, exactly? Are they in relation to the author of the book Cosima was reading? What is their purpose? We only have one episode to reveal this particular mystery, and honestly I'm highly anticipating what they'll have in store for yes. This could possibly be the beginning of the end (as I think, when it is officially confirmed the show will have a fifth season it might be its last).

Other things about the episode:

++ To be honest the reveal about Delphine being alive was quite underwhelming, only because it was a predictable move considering the information we were given previously, never mind that I had already predicted that she would be revealed to be alive at some point since we didn't even see her die, just get shot. I'm not Delphine's biggest fan, nor am I a fan of the Cosima/Delphine relationship, however I understand the importance of the representation of their relationship to many other fans and it must've been a relief seeing proof that Delphine is actually alive (esp in a time now in media where LGBT women are being killed off senselessly). I'm more curious as to why Delphine is where she is, and for what purpose, and whether she's been the one to send out those messages/images through Rachel's eye.

++ Although I'm a bit worried about Cosima. As I mentioned previously, she's been on the brink of death for so long that I'm concerned about the outcome of what might be the breakthrough of a possible cure.

++ I'm so happy that Helena is back! I've missed her so much. Of course I've been wondering where she had disappeared to. But she's back, and I loved how she was worried about her sestras that she decided to return to check up on them, hearing vaguely from Sarah that shit had been happening (which is an understatement). Helena's encounter with Adele was hilarious, and I love how she was protective of Felix, because nobody messes with her brother-sestra. And then getting information she went to the Hendrix house just in time to take down Evie Cho's mook who was about to implant a glitchy bot into her. And such symbolism too, Alison was praying to God that her family be protected, and who would come just in time but Helena? Our own very angry angel. Bless. ♥

++ It is rather sad that Felix and Adele have to part ways, but it is true that shared blood doesn't always make a family. They may share half of their DNA together and have gotten on pretty well, but that's basically it. Adele isn't ready to deal with the craziness of everything that his life entails, and I don't think he anticipated her getting involved with anything with Sarah or the clone situation, and that would basically open up a lot of questions and even be placing her in danger should she cross paths with anyone else. Felix wanted to find his biological family, which he did, and he is thankful to have met Adele and know her, but I think a side of him always knew that she couldn't get involved no matter how hard he tried to distance himself away from everything. He has proven to also be the glue to hold everyone together, as seen with him helping Sarah and Cosima and Alison from their times of desperation. It would be nice to include Adele into the Clone Club family, but she just isn't at that place to know exactly what is going on.

++ Seeing Rachel back in the game again was so wonderful. Rachel was always a brilliant manipulative mastermind, and seeing her and Sarah reluctantly work together to bring down Evie Cho was fascinating to watch. And that ending scene when she watches as Evie's entire career is destroyed was beautiful.

++ However, I honestly don't want them to kill off Evie Cho? She is a delightful antagonist, because even if she gives off an anti-clone vibe with her repeatedly stating that they're "obsolete", am I still rather curious about her as a person and her motivations. Clearly she wants to be known as a pioneer for the future of science with Neolution and what it's done for her personally since we did get some background in this episode, but I'm wondering, now that her future has been crushed underneath Rachel's heel, what else might be in store for her.

Overall: I'm quite excited about what is going to happen in the season finale. This season has been quite a ride, and I wonder how it'll all come together.
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