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July Question Meme: Day 3

Asked by verdande_mi:

Do you have any favourite cast(s) from film or TV?

This has undoubtedly been said before, but it still remains true, I think the Firefly cast is probably one of my top favorite group of people just for the simple fact that they all have remained incredibly close friends all these years later. Aside from the fact of how much fun they had filming the show (and the movie Serenity), they have also continued going to these conventions whenever they get the chance year after year and never tire of talking about the show and what it meant to them and how they love all the fans, and overall how they're so tight with each other. Their friendship as a whole is just something beautiful to see, honestly.

With movies, most recently it's been Star Wars, more specifically from the original trilogy and the newer films. Seeing the behind the scenes from The Force Awakens and the cuteness from everyone involved is adorable. They just make me so happy. ♥
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