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July Question Meme: Day 7

Asked by fly_meaway:

Who is your current celeb crush/are your current celeb crushes?

My current celebrity/actor crush is Richard Armitage. Ever since being introduced to him through The Hobbit movies I have basically consumed everything he's done and been following everything he's doing with his career. He is ridiculously attractive of course, that is quite obvious, but what I also love about him is how hardworking he is with the projects he's involved with. As an actor he incredibly talented and dedicated to the roles he is given, no matter how big or small, giving his all even if it's just a cameo. As a human being he is absolutely kindhearted and generous, soft-spoken and a bit reserved (he remains out of the mainstream media spotlight and values his privacy) but his personality is adorable and has shown to be quite a dork, and he is quite passionate about human rights. He supports various charities and was recently declared the ambassador for Cybersmile, an anti-cyberbullying foundation, plus he has been more open about his opinions and thoughts on particular world events, he visited refugee children while in Berlin and has recently been taking his Twitter, which previously mostly was used for posting selfies and promoting future projects, to discussing politics especially in wake of Brexit, which he is rightfully furious about.

I know I'm gushing quite a bit about him, but my love for Richard is more than the fact that he is gorgeous. I respect him as an actor and as a person, and I admire that he remains true to who he is and continues to do what he loves. And he posts the most amazing selfies, just goddamn.

I actually have plenty of celebrity crushes, some which have remained my main baes for the longest of time. I should probably make an official list someday.
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