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July Question Meme: Day 12

Asked by mimoiikit143:

If you could be anyone from your userpics/icons who would you be and why?

Oh god, this was incredibly hard since there are literally so many characters in my userpics that I actually love and would want to be. But at the moment, it would definitely be the one I'm using for this entry: Sara Lance from Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. While she went through some horrific shit and did terrible things for survival, Sara is someone who I have loved since her first appearance and her story is utterly amazing. She is badass and has fighting skills like a boss, but is also incredibly loyal to her friends and family, never mind that she rocks some pretty wicked outfits in both shows, particularly the black outfit she wore as the Canary in Arrow (which I do want to cosplay someday). Plus? She's gorgeous as fuck, like my god. Of course, it's the question of whether I want to be her or be with her, lol. (✿◠‿◠) ♥

My follow-up answer would've been Skye, a.k.a. Daisy Johnson from Agents of Shield, aside from also loving the evolution of her story, I would love to be able to wield her ability.
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