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15 July 2016 @ 11:16 pm
July Question Meme: Day 15  
Asked by teagues_veil:

The zombie apocalypse is here, what's your weapon of choice?

It has to be something lightweight yet durable, reliable in any situation while on the run or holding your ground. Perhaps a combination of a makeshift flamethrower with a machete or a scythe (a sturdy one, think the Slayer scythe from Buffy the Vampire Slayer). I would like to think that katanas would be useful too, since they're very lightweight and when getting the right kind and knowing how to wield them properly can make for a deadly attack, though I hear they're not exactly the best weapons of choice during a zombie outbreak.
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Galadriel.: Fear the Walking Dead ✽ Aliciasixphanel on July 16th, 2016 09:33 am (UTC)
Every time I think of the zombie apocalypse I look at Hadhafang, Arwen's sword, and wonder if it'd be sharp enough to fight zombies. I need to learn how to sharpen a blade lol.

I know TWD is not the most accurate source ever, but when Michonne wields her katanas, it looks SO cool! XD
Renée: Cara. Warrior.rogueslayer452 on July 17th, 2016 03:32 am (UTC)
Ohhh, that is a good weapon of choice. I definitely think a lot of the fantasy-type weapons can be quite effective during a zombie apocalypse.

I know fiction gives not really accurate portrayals of how weapons would work if those situations were real (because the entertainment value matters more), but I definitely think that if it were true, katanas would certainly be a good choice. They're deadly, but pretty. And seeing characters in movies and television wield them in such an elegant fashion makes them so appealing.
Ery-chan: Mood: Okayerychan86 on July 16th, 2016 01:20 pm (UTC)
Wow, it seems you know what you're doing so I would like to be part of your team in case of emergency LOL!

Katanas are so beautiful... Such an elegant weapon. (I actually love any kind of sword) and I think they could be effective somehow...
Renée: Kahlan. BAMC.rogueslayer452 on July 17th, 2016 03:20 am (UTC)
I definitely think about these kinds of scenarios a lot, mostly because it's fun theorizing and planning ahead for such a hypothetical reality. Whenever I go around and see particularly buildings I think whether or not it would be durable for withstanding the zombie apocalypse, the pros and cons, etc. It's always a smart to think ahead, even if it's completely hypothetical.

I've seen arguments about the uses of katanas in those situations, how despite how elegant they are they might not be as effective as they seem in television/movies. But I think swords and knives can be effective when they have the right kind of blade and used properly. I would love to use fantasy-like swords in those kinds of scenarios, just because in an ideal scenario it would be so cool of using something so fantastical and illogical and feel so badass.
Ery-chanerychan86 on July 17th, 2016 03:54 pm (UTC)
Katana might be useless but you would look damn epic! You would go down with grace xD All in slow mo like Kahlan Amnell (cool icon btw) when she was using her confessor powers and they had these amazing montages! Sooooo Cooooool LOL
hamarakissahamarakissa on July 22nd, 2016 05:55 am (UTC)
I would have to go with a katana as for real world weapon of choice. A flamethrower would eventually run out of fuel and then where would you get the fuel?

I mean sure if I had magical powers then I would go with witchcraft :p
Renéerogueslayer452 on July 22nd, 2016 06:25 pm (UTC)
In my particular strategy, a flamethrower would only be used sparingly such as in emergencies for huge hoards of zombies (because it is true, running out of fuel would be the biggest problem and during an apocalypse it would be difficult to find), while I would basically wield a blade of some sort normally.
Kelly: tv+twd+caroylturncolorfulteagues_veil on July 22nd, 2016 05:49 pm (UTC)
NICE choice!
Renéerogueslayer452 on July 23rd, 2016 12:02 am (UTC)
Thanks. :) I generally think makeshift weapons are the best way to go when you're fighting something like zombies. Just as long as it's durable and reliable and works for you to survive, anything can do.