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July Question Meme: Day 21

Asked by megan_moonlight:

If you could create a female-only team of heroes (don't have to be actual superheroes, main characters etc. are fine as well), which five characters would you choose?

This one is incredibly hard because whenever I think at all of my favorite women characters in all of my fandoms, I think they are all amazing and would all qualify as teaming up together. But for the sake of answering this question properly, here are my top five picks:

Claudia Donovan (from Warehouse 13), she is a computer hacker and an absolute inventing genius in reconstructing gadgets together. She also has experience working on particular jobs and in the field, plus she's a massive nerd and would basically get a kick out of being part of a team, especially one of heroes.

Sara Lance (from Arrow / Legends of Tomorrow), although she technically is already part of a team of heroes, I think she wouldn't turn down the opportunity of working alongside other women to get shit down. Sara isn't just a skilled fighter from being a former member of the League of Assassins, she also someone who has a natural instinct of survival and is incredibly loyal to those she considers her friends. While she does battle a part of herself from the things she has done in the past, she is also someone who is trying her best to redeem herself and by helping others she will, in turn, help herself.

Skye, a.k.a. Daisy Johnson (from Agents of Shield), I figure we need someone on this team who has a special ability. She is someone who has been finding herself, her identity and where she belongs for a long time, and I feel like even while trying to figure out those things, she also probably wouldn't turn down the opportunity to team up with other women to help others. She has grown and evolved, not just as a person from her experiences but also with her powers, and she would be the perfect person of handling tough jobs that require more than mere muscle. She is also a computer hacker (a hacktivist, to be more specific) so I figure that she and Claudia would get along fantastically in that regard.

Mona Vanderwaal (from Pretty Little Liars), if there was ever someone to be considered a literal evil mastermind and genius, she would be the one. Mona has plenty of experience with plotting and orchestrating plans, getting shit done and being well ahead of the game than anyone else. Although she has had issues in the past, I feel that underneath the right direction, she would be magnificent within a team. Mona has only ever wanted to be included and accepted in something, and perhaps focusing on another objective with her genius would do her some good.

Lorelai Gilmore (from Gilmore Girls), I know this one is a little weird but hear me out. We can have all the badass, incredibly trained women of all the fandoms be part of this team, but we need someone to stabilize them all, to ground them as an assembled team and make sure they work together. She wouldn't just provide the nurture aspect to the rest of them, she has proven herself to be a natural leader, as evidenced with her owning her own business. She is caring and kind, but can be stern when she needs to be. Like the others, she's not perfect, but I feel like all of them together they can help each other out and that is what makes a great team.
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