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House M.D.: "Daddy's Boy" Episode Review

Oh, how much do I love my man of snark? Despite it being November Sweeps House never fails to win me over with his dry sarcasm, Sherlock-esque cases, and his motocycle obsession! *glee*

The Medical Case: Like Father, Like Son, Like....Mysterious Radioactive Illness

Lies. This case seemed to have been fabricated with lies, from both the son (the victim) and the father (soon to become possible second victim). Halfway through the episode I thought that everything was going to be a lie and that the boy just had some kind of hidden infection that House was probably trying to hide so he would catch them both in their lies --- because House is a sadistic sonofabitch, and that's why I love him. Of course, the mystery kept rolling along, finally revealing that it was the father's graduation gift that had radioactiveness that was causing the shocks in the son. It was bittersweet in the end, though. Though I was wondering why the father wouldn't tell the son that he was going to eventually die, but he understandably didn't want to break it all down and hurt him more. Sad and bittersweet.

I loved how House did that dramatic swinging of the curtains with his cane after figuring out that the father had lied. Hee!

The Relationships: House/Wilson, House/Motorcycle, House VS. Parental Units

BFF Lovers, duh! There was so much House/Wilson it was setting my heart a-flutter. Seriously, they are SO doing it behind closed doors. Wilson keeps on talking about his wife that never speaks to him anymore, he loans money to House ($5,000 no less!), and is constantly hanging out with his BFF. Best friends or secret lovers --- again, the writers should just have them making out already. The subtext and non-subtexty goodness between these two have us, the audience, screaming at them to just do it right then and there onscreen! Wilson's reaction to House's motorcycle was HIGH-larious, and his retort in the parking lot was amusing, as well. House had that expression of "he's done me proud". Ah, lots of goodies with these two this evening (and more screen-time of Wilson prettiness, yay!)

Born To Be Wild! House wearing that leather jacket, that red dragon t-shirt, and above all riding one kickass motorcycle? Incredibly priceless! That cane holder on the side was also a nice touch, for I wondered where he would place his "third leg". Plus, his moment of whining with Wilson in the back lot was perfect! House deserves this moment of mirth, away from the misery he's surrounded by (both physical and personal pain). I so want a motorcycle like that....

Parental Problems. Loving House's mother, unsure about his father. Surely there's plenty of psychological disclosure with the both of them, and I understand both sounds, strangely enough. The father wants his son to love his life because he's lucky to be alive, however House is irritated that his father cannot let go of making him feel like a disappointment. Love the mother's line in the end, just seeing House smile was enough to say that he has a wonderful relationship with her. With his father, not so much relationship rather than annoyance.

Cameron's "WTF" Of The Day

Oh, shut up Cameron!

Okay, I've been annoyed with Cameron before but --- she went totally out-of-line in this episode, which causes my disliking of her to another level entirely. Not only did she interfere in something that definitely wasn't her business, but she continued to pour salt on the wounds that were already partially opened on House's behalf. Foreman had the correct attitude --- House may be an interesting bastard, but that doesn't mean you can perform an anthropology experiment just for your own amusement and giving yourself the satisfaction that since you cannot be with him that, hey, you can at least watch his personal life and turmoil from afar! Also, I want to smack her smug expressions right off her face with the reality that she cannot get House. At all. Damn, she's that obsessive indecisive bitch that doesn't know what she wants, so she creates chaos to her liking to GET what she THINKS she wants. I loathe Cameron now. I was indifferent and certainly irritated with her before, but now....she really needs to do something extraordinary to redeem herself like falling off the face of the Earth and never returning.

Points In Awesome: My Favorite Parts

Cuddy's awesome, though. Pure awesome. And that transsexual threat to Cuddy from House? Another priceless moment! They are SO having side-sex in their offices, right after House and Wilson lovemaking of course. Hee! Also, I love Cuddy's shirt near the end of the episode. I kept thinking, "I want that shirt, I want that shirt....", so I really wasn't paying attention to what she was saying medically. XD

Wilson's piss-poor sloppy handwriting on the whiteboard was great. I loved how the Ducklings were leaning to one side to see what the hell he was writing.

Chase's "nice bike" to House's motorcycle. Hee! And House roaring the engine when Foreman was trying to speak. Another priceless moment.

The irony of House riding his motorcycle away in the very end, and the handicapped sign. His mirth versus his misery.

Overall: God, I love this show. My mother watched this episode all the way through and liked it, as well. I love House and his sarcasm, the subtext House/Wilson, House and his motorbike lovin', House versus his parents, and Chase's smirking in the background whenever House makes a funny. Foreman rocks. Meddling!Cameron sucks. House's mother is love, House's father is not. Whoo-hoo! ♥

The Daily Show is on now! Wheee! Oh, how do I love these nights? Sarcasm following by more sarcasm. Yay!
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