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THIS LOOKS ABSOLUTELY FUCKING AMAZING. Not just visually with the cinematography (the shots are absolutely stunning, like holy shit) but also with with use of the color palette, which I am so utterly thankful for since that was my main worry initially if it was going to follow the other DCU movies in making it too dark and gritty to actually see anything, but thank fuck it doesn't seem to; it has a good mixture of the serious tone of the WWI grit and the vivid use of colors that pop out at other moments, from Diana in that bright blue dress to the bright outdoors to seeing the actual colors of her Wonder Woman outfit. Also, the action sequences? The fight scenes? LIKE WHAT. I AM SO HERE FOR ALL OF THAT AND FOR DIANA TO JUST FUCK SHIT UP. AND THEN THE "IS SHE WITH YOU?" THEME (A.K.A. THE NOW OFFICIAL WONDER WOMAN THEME) STARTED UP AT THE END. I AM SO READY AND HYPE FOR THIS.

Seriously though, this is such a huge deal because Wonder Woman is finally coming to the big screen after all this time, we have waited so long, so long. It honestly shouldn't have taken this long for any female superhero movie to have been made. But here we are, with Wonder Woman at the helm of hopefully more to come and opening that window for more opportunities for women superheroes to get their own movies and franchises, and it is going to be glorious.

Not only that, but we actually got our first look at Justice League, also featuring Wonder Woman as part of the team. I'll be honest, I'm mostly here because of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Jason Momoa as Aquaman (seriously though, look at that man, he is all unff), but their version of Barry Allen is just as hilariously adorable as the television show's actor. Well done.

So many things are coming out from SDCC, but this is what I'm most hyped for.
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