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VMars: Joss Squeeage Tonight!!

Tonights episode of Veronica Mars will be "Rat Saw God", which will be guest-starring our very own Joss Whedon! In this post here from sunkissed44's journal entry, there's some promotional pictures from the episode, and shall all now be given commentary by me because that's just how I roll (CAUTION: these images will contain minor spoilerage and may not be safe for dial-up users; large -- yet high-quality -- images).

+ A very studious Veronica Mars
+ Even more studious Veronica, with glasses to boot!
+ "I'm the Evil Magnificent Bastard on this show, see! NO ONE takes me place!"
+ "Ah, but I PWNED your ass in the season finale."
+ "...I shall get even, bitch. I am Aaron Echolls, dammit!"
+ JOSS WHEDON!....As the creepy!happy (supposedly) disgruntled car salesman!
+ Doesn't he look all cute dorkified?
+ Veronica seems to think so.
+ And Veronica seems to be flirting with Joss, perhaps persuading him to join in a sexcapades with Kaylee in a Serenity sequel....Joss looks shocked though not displeased with this news.... ;D
+ Kristen and Joss in a together shot!

Remember, watch VMars later this evening for more mystery, more Veronica's P.I. skills, and most of all for Joss Whedon! Don't forget!
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