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July Question Meme: Day 31

Asked by verdande_mi:

Which TV-show/film/book have you re-watched/re-read the most times?

Considering how often I revisit my fandoms from various mediums, the number is honestly quite high. But as a guesstimate, it would probably be a tie of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica, and Firefly for television shows, and Harry Potter for books/movies.

Asked by ellipsisms:

Talk about your life as a Hogwarts student (and beyond) AKA tell us your House, what Hogwarts activities/clubs you'd do, what job you'd want to get, your favorite and least favorite classes/professors, your animagus, etc etc.

I would be sorted into Slytherin. I know it in my heart and soul, and I will accept nothing else. I am loyal to my House, but I'm also an advocate for House unity and will most likely befriend other fellow students from various Houses, trying to break the "Slytherin is Bad" reputation.

As a Hogwarts student, I think I would actually be focused on my studies, which is a heavy contrast to my real life high school experience. But there is something much different from being inside a magical school versus regular school. Surely, there are classes that I wouldn't quite excel in and actually dislike and will most likely still procrastinate in various areas, but since this is the Wizarding World I would be like Harry and just be in awe with everything and wanting to do well. My favorite class would probably be either Astronomy, Charms, History of Magic or Study of Ancient Runes. Those seem mundane as far as magical studies go, but believe me, I would be absolutely into them. I also think I would enjoy Defense Against the Dark Arts if only there was a competent and kind professor who remained there, such as Remus Lupin, who I feel should've been kept on since he was definitely more suited than any other professor assigned to the class. My least favorite classes would probably be Arithmancy, since math isn't my strongest subject. I don't know about extracurricular activities or clubs, though, perhaps something in relation to the above. I would also like to at least attend a Muggles Studies class, just to see what kind of things they teach and how accurate it is. As far as what I would do outside of Hogwarts, I'm not entirely sure what kind of career I would have once I graduate.

And my Patronus would be either a dog or a wolf.

(This is a very oversimplified kind of answer to something I need to think more about, but in general I would be someone who would take in everything and make the best of my time at Hogwarts and my experience in the Wizarding World as a whole. Without any of the dangers or risks involved from the series, of course.)
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