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12 August 2016 @ 02:07 am
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Official Trailer  

After we had our little teaser, this is the first official full trailer of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story which premiered during last night's Olympics (although the Internet got it much earlier, tyvm), giving us a taste of what this film will feature.

This trailer held a bit more ominous feeling, from the slower version of the Imperial March theme being woven into the music and then the brief shot of Darth Vader at the end. If there was any doubt that he would be appearing in this film, this places all of that to rest. I'm glad that we didn't get more than that, since it would probably spoil anything else of the extent of his role in the film, but still gives fans just enough for them to get hyped. And of course we get the characters of the rebellion teaming up for this top secret mission. I'm already loving the inclusion of the ensemble cast and what we see of them from here, and as mentioned before this will be much different from the other Star Wars films. It has a completely different tone and story to tell, but just based off the trailers alone it still feels like it's in the same universe.

I'm very excited and hopeful for this movie. There really isn't much else to say other than I'm really looking forward to seeing it.
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Christina: starwars- luke- son of a gunfly_meaway on August 14th, 2016 06:22 pm (UTC)
I'm so much more excited for this movie than I was before which is almost impossible, seeing as I already was so excited. I'm with you on that it feels like it's in the same universe, but you can tell it will be different. I also just love the gritty feel of it.