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People fear what they can't see.

++ There are some trailers I want to talk about. First, Luke Cage:

Luke Cage is the next upcoming Netflix series of their Marvel lineup, which will ultimately lead to their The Defenders series. I was impressed with Mike Colter and his first appearance as Luke in Jessica Jones and overall intrigued with his portrayal of the character, and I'm really happy that he has his own series to further expand his character a bit more. This trailer places more of that intrigue since we're getting more of his story, his origins. What I like is how each of the Netflix Marvel series (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and now Luke Cage) has a different tone and their own style of telling each individual character story despite them all living in the same city. I'm actually curious as to how everything is going to come together when they all join up for The Defenders. Nevertheless, the casting is wonderful, the music used here is beautiful, the action scenes are no short of being amazing and I can't wait to see what the show will bring.

More importantly, I love what the showrunner had to say about the show at SDCC:
"When I think about the impact of what is happening right now, the world is ready for a bullet-proof black man."
I'm also delighted to see Claire being featured quite a bit here, as well. I like that she's the connecting character for each of these shows and that she'll have more screentime. Some have been wondering if Jessica may show up at all, and while I would love for that to happen I doubt she will. I suspect she'll be mentioned, of course, but otherwise, considering after everything that happened I think they need some time to themselves to heal.

I unashamedly and unabashedly love the Resident Evil movies. I don't care if they're nothing like the video games or are considered "bad" movies by most, they are action-packed pure fun and I love them to bits. Plus, Milla Jovovich kicking zombie mutant ass and taking names? Yes please.

It has been a while since the last movie, Resident Evil: Retribution, was released, and this is supposedly the last of the franchise. If this is truly the last of this particular movie franchise I'll be sad, but overall it has been a fun, entertaining ride all the same. And who knows? Perhaps there might be a reboot of them trying to adapt Resident Evil that fits more closely to the video games in the near future. But regardless, these movies have always been pure entertainment and Milla as Alice has captured my heart as being the main protagonist of them all. And I think it's very appropriate that the final chapter is about them going back to the beginning, back to Raccoon City where it all began, giving Alice's story a proper conclusion. How that ending will be, I have absolutely no idea. But I'll be there in the theaters when this comes out, for sure.

++ Speaking of video game adaptations, it has been announced that Life Is Strange, a game I have previously gushed about, is getting its own live action digital series.

I'm actually pretty curious about how this will be done. I know that the majority of video game adaptations have been a massive hit or miss with fans, and I've always been torn on adapting a game that is already a cinematic experience to begin with, which is becoming more and more common with how certain video games are designed these days. On the other hand, it would be rather interesting to see how Life Is Strange can be adapted and still be just as effective with hitting those same emotional points as the game does, given the right formula and balance of writing, casting, and direction of how the story will be told in this particular medium. I'm certianly not opposed to seeing how they'll manage to pull this off, it does have major potential just from the story and plot alone. And just like with any other adaptation, it's best to treat it separately from the source material focus on whether it is cohesive storytelling instead of comparing the two. In general, I've seen some pretty nifty fanmade films and cosplays from the LiS fandom, so I'm rather curious as to who they will be casting in this series. Max Caulfield and Chloe Price in particular are two characters who have very distinct personalities and voices, their chemistry, relationship and dynamic is incredibly important to move the story along.
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