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Pretty Little Liars

It has been confirmed that Pretty Little Liars will be ending April of 2017.

On one hand I'm a bit relieved, the show has gone on far beyond its due date in my mind. I personally quit watching a couple episodes into the second half of the sixth season, mostly because I wasn't happy with the mid-season finale and because of a lot of wasted potential wasn't impressed with the plans for the five year jump.

However, this show was something I loved, and still love even though I'm no longer watching. I was obsessed with it, ever since the first season I followed each episode speculating and wondering and piecing together the clues of the main mystery. Yes, it was convoluted and contrived as all hell especially as the show continued on with adding more ridiculous twists and predictable reveals and misleads to remain interesting, and yes if we took out all the irrelevant subplots and pointless storylines that went nowhere the main plot would be three or four seasons worth instead of seven, and yeah the continuity never mattered in the end because of that. However, I didn't care. I lived for the suspense (because I gotta give credit where it's due, this show managed to do that extremely well) and the mystery, and most of all what mattered to me most were the characters, particularly the main girls, plus some fascinating supporting ones. It was one of the rare examples of teen-based shows that didn't have unnecessary fights between girls, instead focusing it on the strengths of their friendship with love and support of each other.

Pretty Little Liars may have had plenty of fault and flaws, many inconsistencies and plotholes and missed opportunities that still makes me bitterly roll my eyes, but for all its ridiculousness and failings it did have its strong points and those are the ones I want to focus on when it takes its final bow. It was far from perfect, but when I was watching this show I enjoyed it for what it was, entertainingly addictive with a story focusing on women characters.
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