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Fall season is upon us.

++ Hello to those from the new friending meme!

++ The first half of Carmilla's third season dropped recently, to which of course I watched all 17 episodes so far. I'm going to wait until I've seen the entire season so I can give a proper review and overview of the series, but so far I'm loving the direction it's going. The production value has upped its game and the dialogue is just as quick and witty as ever, which I'm incredibly impressed by. It's going to be bittersweet seeing the grand finale of this delightful webseries, but it'll be worth seeing how it ends.

++ Everyone's been talking about new and returning fall shows. At the moment, the only returning shows that I'm excited about are Agents of Shield (because I'm emotionally invested with Daisy's story and I'm psyched to see what happens next for her character and the direction of the show), Legends of Tomorrow (Sara Lance is bae ♥) and Supergirl (still apprehensive about the move since I don't want them CW-ifying it, but I'm curious about the massive crossover with the Arrowverse shows, including a musical crossover episode with The Flash that I'm hearing about). And of course the return of Elementary and Brooklyn Nine-Nine gives me happy feelings, as well. For new shows, I'm going to be checking out The Good Place mostly because of Kirsten Bell but also the previews do make it seem original and funny, Van Helsing on Syfy, Berlin Station on Epix mainly for Richard Armitage and Michelle Forbes, and I am of course going to be watching Luke Cage and the Gilmore Girls revival once it drops on Netflix.

There are others that I'm forgetting about I'm sure, but these are definitely top priority for me at the moment. I do watch too much television so it's hard to keep track of what is coming back and what is new, plus there are still things that I need to catch up on as well.
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