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VMars: "Rat Saw God" Episode Review

The Case: Amelia DeLongpre And The Bush Crash Mystery

What's amazing about this show is not only do we see minimal and minor characters that were presented in the first season return for their second cameo-appearances, but the dialogues are just equally as fun. I loved the return of Abel Koontz (and a little trivia for those Buffy fans out there, the actor who plays Koontz originally played Balthazar in the episide "Bad Girls"), and I also loved the continuity plotline with Amelia's Kane software stock money. Though it was saddening to hear that Amelia is now deceased....even though Abel Koontz was a creepy man in the first season, he sacrificed himself to save his family and send his daughter the Kane money, only to have her wind up dead due to the money itself (we're supposing, anyway).

Dude, Clarence Wiedman is that ex-CIA of evil yet is a man of good deeds? Intimidating as he appears to be, is it odd that I find this man incredibly interesting? Because Wiedman and Veronica communing eye-to-eye, joining forces and working on the Amelia DeLongpre case together was AWESOME!

Keith didn't win the election. It's a disappointment, for I was waiting for the announcer guy to say something of a tragic-state to postpone the final count of the ballets, we all knew it was coming. Apparently, more with the bus crash mystery is that.....Keith is now researching after finding out that the possibility that his daughter might've been the original target for the crash in the first place. Knowing that Officer Fuckface Lamb isn't going to do the job, not actively anyway, it's Keith Mars Private Investigator to the rescue! Though the wreckage of the bus was unsettling. Time for the CSI crew to swarp the scene! I'm sensing a crossover here.....

With Keith no longer worrying about campaigning for sheriff, I think he should have a theme song. A Private Eye theme song, you know. Something to jazz him up with his PI business.....*mental note: stop with the caffine!*

The Relationships

Everything was so-so on the romantic issues and more about the relationships between certain characters. First off, the father-daughter relationship of Keith and Veronica. It's amazing that every time Keith finds something out about Veronica's sneaking PI skills it always involves Lamb. Or, you know, revolves around Lamb per se; he told Keith about the "Curly" issue, the kind of thing Veronica was avoiding telling him so he wouldn't get all upset and worry constantly over her. Though it's understandable, on both sides of the argument. Veronica doesn't want to put Keith through what she already put him through in the first season, she just wants to have a semi-normal homelife. Keith doesn't want Veronica to get into anymore trouble or distress than she already is in. I LOVED Keith's overprotectiveness of his daughter during the scene in the interriogation room. Love, love LOVE Keith! Which brings another relationship between parents and their offspring....

Killer Killer, whose the Killer in the slammer? Aaron Echolls! In a prison cell, not the high-security as he's been transferred....and Logan is placed in that very same jail cell with his psychotic magificent bastard of a father. Lamb, could you have had a little commonsense -- even if Logan is of Echolls' blood, does NOT make him on the same level as Aaron. Although I was very pleased to see Harry Hamlin appear in the show again. Whee! Is it also weird that I love his character, not of what he did but how he's portrayed? Hysterical and very, very psychotic-like....not looking, but like. The confrontation with Keith was lovely.

Snark VS Snark VS Snark, who will win? Weevil and Logan going head-to-head in the snarkiest snark of this season between them yet, whoo-hoo! The snark between Logan and Cliff, another whoo-hoo! Logan and Lamb snark is just another priceless moment. Whee, I just love this show. Of course, nothing tops Veronica's smart alec remarks with almost all the characters, including guest-starring ones (which I'll get to in a minute...)

No Jackie tonight! Finally! This episode didn't need her interfering with this hour of awesomeness. I'm bummed that Alicia didn't appear at all, and that Wallace is still gone. Though I understand why he left, I just don't understand why he just can't talk to Veronica via E-Mail.

Dick and Gia? Could SO totally see them happening. Still not a Dick fan, though I'm wondering....where's Beaver? I miss my Cassidy, man!

Abel Koontz wanting to get in contact with his daughter before he dies....heartfelt yet bittersweet.

The Pretty Shinys!

First off, my fangirl squeeage shoutout: JOSS WHEDON!! OMG, he was so dorkifiable in this episode, and so surreal too; it was almost like I was expecting Nathan Fillion to jump out from behind Joss and say "Boo!" to Veronica....and then kill him off by stabbing a pen into his throat. (For those that don't get that joke, where have y'all been with the Viral River Tam Marketing for Serenity?!?) Also, I loved how Veronica had that girlie flirtatious look on her face while speaking with him, in that bribing sort of way that she does with getting information. Hee! I find it funny that Joss mispronounced Staind as "stain", with Veronica correcting him, because Joss is a total pop culture geek. Ah, the irony. :)

The cinematography was amazing, as usual. In the beginning of this season the lighting and matching of clothes with that lighting were totally off, to which I felt didn't have that special VMars feel. But lately, especially in this episode, the colorful world has returned; bright and vivid colors. For example, when Veronica is walking across the university campus she's wearing bright colors, as are the students she's walking past, the green grass and the vivid blue sky --- it was perfection.

Kim from America's Next Top Model did her cameo (obviously for Sweeps Month promotion). While I don't normally watch ANTM, I do catch the end of it before Veronica airs. Kim did a good job, especially since she doesn't have any acting experience prior to this.

Cliffy! Weevil! Wiedman/Veronica teaming up together as double partners in crime! Wiedman showing off his Good Cop/Bad Cop; hanging that guy out from the window and saying that he learned that technique from Harvard. Hee!

....THE DEAD RAT! Cluing in the title name of this episode, hardy-har-har. XD

Overall: Have I mentioned that I love this show? Seriously, this is probably the BEST episode I have witnessed thus far in this season. We have Joss cameo, the crazy plot twists that just makes my head all dizzy just contemplating on the temporary connections. Because, really folks, there is definitely a larger web of lies but certainly all caused by one source, with a possible accomplice but still one source. Chances are we've already come across it, we just have to peel open the wools from our eyes and profile every...single...character that has been introduced that we might've overlooked. Just like with the Aaron Echolls ordeal, it could be someone we'd least expect. Anyway. LOVELY episode.

Next week's looks terrifying, to tell the truth. It's like a crossover between L&O:SVU and Criminal Minds. Which is why I love this show.

Now, I haven't been keeping up with LOST, considering that it's on at the same time VMars is on, though I have been reading minimal spoilers just to keep myself in check without going stir-crazy. And after an explosion of venting happened in fandom, I felt that I needed to express my reactions right here and now.

I love Shannon. Why in the freaking hell did she have to be killed off?! What exact purpose did it show of her death, other than HOLY SHIT, STRANDED ON AN ISLAND ANYONE CAN DIE!? First Boone, now Shannon? Two of the most prettiest siblings ever to commit a siblingcest together even though it's not really that, and all on ABC too! But, WHY did she have to be shot by that new girl, Ana-Lucia, because of the "mistake" that Shannon was one of the Others on the island? Why?

I'm saddened now, because I LOVED Shannon. She was my favorite female character above them all (coming in second Sun with Claire following close behind, and then Kate). But my ultimate reaction is.....WTF???!!

EDIT: In which despite the major theories that Shannon is not dead, show insiders announce that Shannon is, indeed, gone from the show. Although this is a hard reality, especially for Shannon fans, like myself, to face with this new season just starting up, I have to accept this change. Although I still hold theories about the island not really being just an ordinary island --- something drew them there, and other stranders before them. So I'm thinking that perhaps Shannon or Boone aren't necessarily dead, just....lost, forever. Crazy theory, but still.

Yeah. Venting reaction over now. Back to your regular scheduled programming of sanity!
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